The Beadsmith Scoop Eez Long Tube Scoop - For Seed Beads and Delicas

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  • The entire length of the Scoop Eez can be used to round up your beads.
  • Narrows to a point which will disperse beads neatly into tubes as small as 5mm across.
  • Must faster than traditional scoops for small beads.
  • 6 Inches long, 9/16 inches wide, tapering to 1/8 inch (5mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Stainless Steel Scoop Eez
  • SKU: XTL-9011
  • Weight: 27 g
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The Beadsmith Scoop Eez Long Tube Scoop - For Seed Beads and Delicas

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome tool. Works so well picking up beads on my Beading mat!

A very useful tool to add to your art arsenal!

The scoop action is great and saves you a lot of time. Highly recommend it.

Scoops up beads like a pro!!

This is a great little tool, especially for those who have a ton of seed beeds and don't want those seed beads going all over your floor. It's super simple and essential for bead weavers and pretty much anyone who works with seed beads or other small beads.

Beadsmith Scoop Eez Long Tube Scoop
Simply the Best

This scoop is the best thing I have ever used for my seed beads. Not only help me pick them with ease but the pointy tip helps separate them when counting a specific amount. Great tool!

Perfect For Collecting Seed Beads!

I've been beading for several years, but I didn't buy the Scoop Eez Long Tube Scoop until 2 months ago. After two uses, I had no idea how I'd been beading without this. Now it has a place in my must carry box--right between the scissors and needles. The long scoop is much more efficient than the triangle scoops I'd been relying on. Use the tiny end to take beads out of tubes; use either end to sort or count them on your mat; use the wider end or the side/length (the curve makes this work) to pick them up; finish by pouring them directly into whatever container you are using. They are definitely best for seed beads; the size makes them merely okay when picking up larger beads. (That's what the triangles and bigger scoops are for.) I highly recommend this to anyone who uses seed beads, no matter how often you use them. It's worth every penny. Not only is it easier, it saves time and money spent on beads that rolled out much faster than intended. (I'm still picking Delicas out of the carpet from a *huge* spill in January.) Tip: When your seed beads are on a mat, push the side down gently, then move the tube towards the beads. The resulting hill causes the beads to roll into the scoop.