Product Spotlight: Beading Scoops and Trays

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Designer: Kat Silvia
n this video you will learn about four types of beading scoops and trays. These items will help keep your beading, or crafting, table organized. They also make your clean up quick and easy. These are wonderful gifts for the designer in your life. Items included in this video are the Aluminum Triangle Trays, the Three Piece Bead Smith Plastic Scoop Set, The Little Bead Scoop Shovel, and the Scoop EEZ by Bead Smith.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and I want to showcase to you some of these neat trays and different scoops to help you get organized and keep your table nice and clean so let's start with these really great aluminum triangle trays. You'll get a pack of 6 with every lot. So you'll get nice chance to organize your workspace and move things around if you're gonna go for your yellow ones, you won't have to scoot it down a little closer, you can just kind of switch them out and there you are I really like these because you can actually use them as a scoop and as a tray. So let's say I was done with my beading and I want it to pick up all these beads. Now normally you'd have to pick them up and smash them between two fingers try to get them back in the bag or you can use a scoop and it goes much faster and they go right into the tray for you much faster also what's great about these is that when you're done with them you can stack the empty ones but if you want to just clear some room on your table you can stack them right on top of each other and they're all done. You can just move them out of the way That way you don't have to completely clean up your table but still keep everything organized next I wanna show you the three-piece scoop set now these are little plastic scoops, very traditional but good for scooping up bigger beads You can put them in the trays. You can put them back into your bags. Very easy to do. They come in three sizes and they are really light weight because they're just plastic so these are just kind of a neat little thing to have as well my next thing is the little shovel. This guy is stainless steel and this I really like to use when I'm trying to measure out beads or when I need to weigh beads because you can scoop a big amount of them in one scoop and you can weigh that and see how many beads you have. This scoop is also great if you wanna put them back in the bag it does work a little bit better if you have a wide mouth bag that you're trying to scoop a whole bunch of beads into and our last scoop and my personal favorite that I wanna show you is by BeadSmith and it's the Scoop Eez Long Tube Scoop this has a really nice curvature and a nice point at the end to help you organize your beads. You can use it side ways to scoop the beads and put them where they need to be you can scoop them along the mat and get them out of the way but my personal favorite is let's say you have all these tiny Miyuki's you can scoop them up and put them right into the tube that way you don't have to try to create some sort of hand funnel to try to get them in there you can just scoop them up and there you have it another great thing about this particular tool is let's say I am doing a project where I've taken two separate beads and now I've mixed them together because I wanna make a project that's a little bit of a bead soup but now I have leftover beads and I want to put them back in their proper tubes we'll just put the orange ones over here the black ones over here orange ones over here and the black ones over here you can separate just by using this little tool so you don't have to try to scoop them along the mat. That well just frustrate you so and again you can just scoop them up and put it right into the tube. So there you have it. We have the Scoop Eez, we have the little shovel, we have a three piece plastic scoop set and we have the triangle trays I hope this was really informative and I think these things make a wonderful gift for the beader that has everything it helps keep you organized and your cleanup is faster I think they're really great things that you can have on your beading table and they're not very expensive so it's definitely worth making your life a little bit easier. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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