What are the Colors of the Rainbow in Austrian Crystal

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Designer: Julie Bean
Have you ever wondered what Austrian crystal colors correspond to the colors of the rainbow? This video explains the Austrian crystal colors that best match the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The matching Austrian crystal colors are: light siam, tangerine, citrine, dark moss green, light turquoise, majestic blue, and violet. Several other color options are also shown and discussed: hyacinth, light topaz, fern green, aquamarine, sapphire blue, tanzanite, and purple velvet. Create beautiful rainbow jewelry using Austrian crystal beads!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and you see it features all the colors of the rainbow so we got red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet and so I was looking on the beadaholique.com website and I was picking out these colors and I realized it really wasn't good information out there online about the different color options in Swarovski colors Swarovski crystal colors for the colors of the rainbow so here I have laid out the different colors I'm going to tell you what they are I'm also going to tell you an alternative choice as well so again the colors of the rainbow are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet so for the red and these are all 4 millimeter bicones but these do come in other styles as well and sizes I'm going with light Siam so light Siam is a really vibrant red there is a Siam it's quite a bit darker so you can see I don't really have an alternative here because this is just such a wonderful vibrant saturated true red for the orange there's two choices the one I used in my necklace here is tangerine the alternative is hyacinth and the reason I personally don't choose it is because it was a little bit too close for me to the red when you put it next to each other but I do think it is a really nice orange as well just a different shade so you could definitely do that and just you know this is really up to you and what you want for your design for the yellow I went with citrine but a good alternative is also light topaz so light topaz has just a little bit more Brown in it and the yellow is just a little the citrine is just a little bit more of like a sunshine yellow the green that I went with is dark moss green there's a really good alternative though which is fern green the dark moss green is a little darker fern green is a little bit lighter so if you look back up to the necklace here I actually wanted a little bit more contrast so I want the slightly darker version so that when you're looking at it you really see that green green but I think fern green looks lovely too blue was a little bit challenging because it just was I needed that perfect light shade so I ended up going with light turquoise but aquamarine is really pretty too and I liked how it's quite a bit lighter than the two beads and the two colours that surround it for the indigo I went with a majestic blue I really liked how saturated it is but another good alternative is sapphire and that's a really wonderful deeper blue tone and then we actually have three choices for the last color of the rainbow for violet so violets the color of the rainbow I went with Swarovski crystals violet it's just a really pretty pretty purpley color another option is also tanzanite and a third option if you want it to end in a really dark color is purple velvet so I'm gonna put this up here and show you kind of why I didn't want to choose it for this particular necklace is I didn't want it to be that dark towards the end I wanted kind of it a little bit lighter and brighter especially next to this crystal that I'm using so that's just something to keep in mind all of these colors are really good choices they're all available at beadaholique.com and it's really just how you want your rainbow to look so just one quick recap of the colors you do see in this necklace here we have light Siam tangerine citrine dark moss green light turquoise majestic blue and violet so I hope this was helpful there was a piece of information I definitely wanted to get out there because creating rainbow jewelry is just so much fun and when you do it in Swarovski crystal it just sparkles it just really goes well with the whole rainbow theme and just all those wonderful bright colors if you like this video please do check out our other videos both at beadaholique.com as well as on YouTube

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