How to Use Cord Ends and Bead Caps to Finish a Multi-Strand Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to finish off a multi-strand necklace using cord ends or bead caps (both will use the same technique). This technique is a great way to bring together multiple strands and 'hide' their ends under a decorative end or cap. It also then gives you the ability to add a jump ring and clasp to the end. This particular video also showcases some lovely diffuser pendants to use with essential oils - a great way of creating your own aromatherapy jewelry. SAFETY WARNING: Essential oils for external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. For topical use, rub a very small diluted amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of the reach of pets. Essential oils can be potentially toxic to pets at certain concentrations. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i classes so here i have a coordinate you're going to hear me use the word cord and bead cap a little bit interchangeably because often these items are used interchangeably you could use this as a bead cap or a cord end so I have my beads already strung and what these were was almost an entire half Hank of beads now this is what 1/2 Hank looks like and it just looks like half of a full hank but I think would look very similar just more beads of course and you have them pretty strung on these temporary strings so what I did and we have another video about this at I just went ahead and I strung them on some wildfire thread anchoring them to a closed jump ring on either side so that's a really nice way of getting them to all be together and then I just did a little bit of weaving back and forth to make them look a little bit jumbled which I actually really like that effect but you could also keep them straight like that so once they've got once they're already on their jump rings now is when you can use a cord and/or a bead cap to hide that and create a fastener so you can attach a clasp because you now need something to attach your clasp to but before I do that I actually when I hang a pendant from these and over here I have some lovely pendants which are recent additions to the beadaholique collection now these are aromatherapy diffuser pendants you can use them with essential oil so we have some essential oils at and you use these little felt pads to put the oil on and then you can take your aromatherapy scent with you all day now even though they're meant to be aromatherapy diffuser pendants I just think they're lovely pendants in and of themselves and you can use them for a lot of different types of projects keepsake little treasure chest things like that if you are going to use them for aromatherapy you're gonna put a little pad in it so this is open and you can cut these pads to any size you want I just want to show you how pretty that color is going to look inside there so if I had done that and I'd put just a little bit of oil on the pad you're going to want to put your pendant on first so if you are using your bead caps Corden's as strand reducers add your bail or your pendant first so this one has a bail on it if you have one that does not you would just take a bail and slide it on there first in this case I'm just gonna slide this on here cuz it's so handy there we go and I'm just gonna slide it down towards the center so that is already anchored on which is nice now if you notice my little jump rings they're gold originally I was gonna make this necklace in gold I was gonna use this little guy but I thought it looks so pretty and silver too I decided to change and here's a little tip it doesn't matter what color your jump ring is because you're going to be concealing it which is nice so to go ahead and be able to anchor this what you're going to do is you're going to take either a piece of wire or a head pin this is a three inch head pin and I want to use a head pin because I figured more people have head pins at home than wire snip off the head and then what we're gonna do is write about half an inch from the end we're going to make a loop and I'm using wire looping pliers okay so we've got our little loop before we close it up and do a little bit of wrapping we're going to slide this on to the jump ring and I have a pair of chain nose pliers I'm gonna hold that loop with and I'm just gonna do a little wrap now you could do a simple wire loop as well or use an eye pin that definitely would work but I really wanted the extra security of a wrap there just because this is going to be holding my entire necklace together alright so after you do that just trim your tail and feed it up through the hole in your cord end or your bead cap and you'll notice it's just gonna slide right in there so when you're picking your components think about how many strands you have of your necklace and then look at the diameter of the cord end or the bead cap and make sure that they'll fit it takes a little bit of experimenting sometimes but that's really a key element when you're planning a project like this so now that that is in there and you can see we don't see that gold jump ring at all I am now going to grab it where it exits and make another loop and again I'm gonna do a wrapping doesn't like I said doesn't have to be a lot of wraps I just really want a little bit of extra security here there we go just something simple and then trim it off and in this case because we are gonna be seeing this in our finished piece I'm going to tuck that tail in it was nice and neat I'm gonna do the exact same thing on the other side so if you do have wire at home I would just recommend about three inches or so and because you are doing a little wrapped wire loop if 22 gauge wire would be fine 21 gauge a lot of different choices because you are adding that extra security okay again slip it through here so that that closed jump ring stays at the base there and it is essential that when you are putting your strands onto the jump ring that's a closed jump ring you don't want an open slit especially if you're doing something like this technique here where you're using essentially a thread it's really easy for thread to slip through an open jump ring okay and now feed it up through that little piece and you want to pull you want it to be nice and tight in there again grab it where it exits and you can either hold it with those wire looping pliers that's a great advantage of them or switch to a chain nose to hold it when you do your wrappings okay now we're ready to attach our clasp and I really do like this in silver it's funny I don't find too often that you'll find a set of beads like a collection like this that looks just as good with silver as gold alright so we have a couple open jump rings here these are four millimeter in size to open a jump ring you have the slit up towards the top you grab it on either side and you twist open and then I'm going to attach it here to that loop I made and then also to one half of my clasp and we're going to do the exact same thing on the other side close it on up and we're done that way we're very easily and quickly able to complete a necklace and there we have it now you could also have this necklace and use any other type of pendant this is a really universal technique on using those Corden's bead caps but I hope you enjoy this I hope you enjoyed seeing these little pendants - I really like them they were just something unique that thought would be really pretty with all these seed beads just to give a little design idea so if you like this video please do check out all our other videos on as well as on You Tube

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