How to Make a Long Silk Tassel Statement Earring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the popular on-trend long tassel statement earring that dusts your shoulders when wearing. Using the technique demonstrated in the video, you can make the tassel literally as long as you want. The tassel is made from 100% silk thread and is anchored in a striking TierraCast end cap. Atop the tassel is an Austrian crystal BeCharmed pearl.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with silk tassel and a Swarovski be charmed pearl bead so we're seeing this trend it's very popular these long wonderful tassel earrings and I wanted to show you how to make them now this is gonna be the length of the tassel I'm gonna be using for this project and making but you can make this even longer if you want or shorter so what you're going to need well the focal point the main color here is going to be your silk tassel and we're going to be using silk thread so this is size F it's a hundred percent pure silk and we're gonna be using a lot of it which is nice because this comes on a hundred and forty yards spool so you can definitely make wonderful long earrings and then we're gonna be using tierracast cord ends so that's what you see here it has this well that we're gonna be gluing our tassel into we're going to use these bead aligners from tierracast to help stabilize our large hole bead and like I said we're gonna be using one of two of these large hole beads I'm gonna make one earring here though for the purpose of the video and then for the findings I'm using a beadaholique finding kit now what's nice about this is it comes with earring hooks head pins eye pins as well as jump rings and for this project we are going to be using the earring hooks the eye pins as well as the jump rings and here's an actually a few pieces out of a kit I've been using for quite a while so you actually get more than this this is what's left from what I've been using for multiple projects and then for tools and other supplies you are going to need some glue I'm going to be using e6000 glue a pad of little pieces of paper a toothpick a pair of scissors a tweezer I'm going to be using a wire looping plier you'll plier you'll see how to use that in just a minute you could also use a round nose a pair of cutters and two pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close those jump rings so let's go ahead and actually start making well I pulled out just a sampling of colors here and you can see what I've got there are more colors available but what I always think is fun to do is to take one of these pearls and hold them up a do against the different colors and kind of play with your color combos as you can see how pretty they would look I have pre-selected already the one I do want to do and I want to do this this one here now this is scarabeus green and we're gonna do it with the green silk so really nice and dramatic and perfect for a spring summer party or evening so to make our tassel first let me just clear out some of this stuff because I'm gonna be unwinding a lot of silk now I have shown this method in a different video I am going to be using the just the simple little cardboard cut-out method and this I have cut out of a box and I have done it to the size of the tassel I want so it's just a little bit bigger than the tassel length and that's what you're going to want I do recommend choosing your size cutting your size appropriately I this is gonna use a lot of thread this is a nice thick luxurious tassel don't have a piece of cardboard this big that you intend to cut your tassel silk down to here so just kind of take note of how big this is and this is just out of a shipping box so don't worry if you have to cut several of these so go ahead and unwind some of your silk thread okay find the end now we're just going to hold it against our cardboard now I am gonna do 55 wraps so I'm gonna start counting and then I'll unspool more thread as I need to so 1 2 3 4 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 ok so the reason I counted is because you're making a pair of earrings and you're gonna want them to be the same thickness so that they hang right and they look right on your ear so I've done my 55 wraps I'm just gonna cut my silk and now I'm gonna cut another little bit of silk off because I need to tie this so there we go and this is where my tweezer comes in handy I'm gonna pick up the end of the silk and I'm just gonna make it underneath all my wrappings pull it up towards the top and I can actually sit this set this down and I'm going to tie this in a knot and bring everything together so that's all we need to do for that right now so now we're going to cut off another a little bit of silk and you see I still have a lot of silk left I'll definitely be able to do multiple projects with it now I like cardboard because I can bend it to get this off which is nice I'm just gonna slide it off and hold it like so and then I want to find where my cord was I tied it okay so I've got my cord ends and I can actually hold it so I can hold it just like that and I want to fold it in half and smooth it down and now I want to wrap it so I'm going to take my other cut piece and at this point if I want to I can just cut these guys off and I want to secure it so I'm doing it fairly close up to the top because I want this to be totally hidden within my cord end so I'm just gonna do a couple wraps and now I'm gonna bring back my tweezers because it's just a little bit easier for me to control what's happening with the pair of tweezers it's almost like having a nice extension to your hand I do want to not this now this is all gonna disappear up inside that bead cap so don't worry if it doesn't look quite the way you like so you can see what that looks like now we could have done a jump ring in place of this tie if you are not going to set it into something that you're going to glue it in you could have just done a jump ring and that would it worked great - okay so now we've got this part and I'm going to trim these guys a little shorter and you have a you can either leave these nice and long and let them be part of your tassel or you could trim them I'm gonna just let them be nice and long and we're going to now glue this into our cord end I'm going to take that glue and we're gonna put it into the well especially up at the top and around the side so if you can see I'm really just trying to smear it into the sides and up at the top then take your tassel and just put them in there and then what I want you to do is go like this just push them a little bit so that he kind of fills out once he's in that tassel and you could have made this thicker for sure but I think this is a really nice thickness for a tassel here okay so we're gonna let that dry before we trim it and the reason I didn't trim it first is because I am doing this little scrunching technique and on these guys I trimmed them first and then I scrunched it and that resulted in them being a little bit uneven and I had to retrain them so that is my reasoning for not trimming first okay so he is set down in there and we are just gonna let that little guy be while we go on to our next step so I am gonna be using the scarabeus green beecharmer offski pearls got that really pretty shimmery effect and I also want to use an eye pin so onto the eye pin I'm going to take one of my bead aligners with the little alignment portion facing up and then I do want that to go right into the Pearl and then another bead aligner with the alignment portion facing down and this is does have a silver core all of these be charm beads do have a silver core I think it looks totally fine though with the gold findings you don't see it that much so now we're going to go ahead and take our wire looping pliers and grab it right where it exits that pearl and we're just gonna go like so so we bent it halfway over rotate those pliers up to the top pull that around so it Criss crosses and then on this side we do want to do a couple wraps and I just recommend doing that instead of making a simple loop because you want this to be really solid and tight with those bead aligners if you did a simple loop it might be a little bit challenging to get it to stay completely stable so once you've done couple loops take your cutters trim it and if you have any pokey ends you can tuck them in and just line up your loops and now for the one part of it we are gonna do an earring hook just going to be like so now we are gonna take our larger jump rings so in this assortment pack you get two sizes of jump rings you get a four millimeter and a six millimeter which is why I chose it to you to use it for this project because I want that six millimeter jump ring okay so at this point now if I was doing this at home I would let this dry quite a bit longer so I'm gonna be a little bit careful with it I would let dry Oh at least a good hour before you trim it okay so I'm just gonna hold on to it and I want to just try to smooth it down and this has this wonderful little curl to it and then I'm going to trying to be a little careful because I know that's not totally solid in there glued right now because it hasn't had time to dry okay I'm gonna trim the tips you can just cut it like this or you can cut it like this all of these guys out of the way okay see what she's got you can always go back and trim some more you know you'll just keep working at it until you have a nice straight line and then once you've got that trimmed you're gonna take this jump ring and it's an open jump ring meaning it is not completely soldered it does have a little slit in it you grab it on either side and you twist open and then we are gonna put it through this loop and we're gonna put it through that little loop at the base of your pearl and we're just gonna close it on up and we have a finished earring and I said I would probably keep trimming this and I would really wait till that's dry and tug on it a little bit more than I am right now but there we go so we have a green one done in gold to now match is really pretty maroon ones we have with this iridescent red pearl so a lot of possibilities a lot of combinations have fun with the silk colors have fun with the links I really have seen these even longer where they're dusting quite a bit below the shoulders very dramatic so a lot you can do with them and just a fun accessory for spring and summer so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial please do check out our other ones at we've got a lot of other tassel tutorials as well as other statement earring ones thanks for watching you

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