How to Make a Gemstone Chain Bracelet with a Magnetic Clasp

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make a striking gemstone chain bracelet that features a TierraCast Caravan collection magnetic clasp. You will learn to make two different styles of gemstone chain bracelets - a single strand and a triple strand. You will also learn how to properly cut gemstone chain so the links remain intact and how to open and close jump rings. Both bracelets are very easy to make and a perfect beginner jewelry maker project.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with showing chain a little different variety and both are going to be using these really pretty Terra cast magnetic clasps and they are part of the caravan collection and they are a really nice closure so I also pulled out some other pretty pieces from the tierracast caravan collection I just love this line you can see we've got the hamsa hand it's got these little holes at the bottom so you can dangle things from it some toggle clasps a bead just really pretty little pieces but for this particular project we're going to be using these magnetic clasps and they do look great on both sides so if your bracelet twists and turns it's still going to look fantastic for the silver one we're gonna be using this gemstone chain here it is a single length of gemstone chain you see that core chain in there with a bunch of dangles and this comes in all different colors you can find it at and then for the gold or gonna use this one this is a little bit of a different chain and I love that it's got the multi colors on it so different gemstones and these little palettes so it's really pretty chain I'm going to show you how to use it your tools you're going to need a pair of cutters a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and a ruler and then to connect these chains to the clasps you're just gonna need some jump rings so for the silver one here I'm gonna pull over these ones these are four millimeters and they are 20 gauge I do recommend a 20 gauge or thicker for any type of magnetic clasp that you're going to be pulling it apart especially with this lovely delicate chain you want to make sure it's secure and for the gold one we're going to use a little bit larger because we want to connect multi-strands to it so we're gonna do a 5 millimeter 20 gauge so here I have 7 inches of this gemstone chain and on my particular wrist that's actually going to be a bit much and one quick tip when you're making jewelry designs especially bracelets measure out your clasp and how much space that is going to take up in terms of your total overall length so this is just over it's actually it's magnetic so sticking to my ruler this has a metal core in it so this is about three-quarters of an inch a little bit more than that and then you have to imagine you're gonna add a couple jump rings so it's just gonna be shy of an inch and since this was already a lot of length on me I think I'm gonna trim this down - let's see what six inches would look like it's a good idea to just put it on your wrist see what it would look like that might be even a little bit big for me but I am going to cut it anyways so when you're cutting this style of gemstone chain you want to find that center core chain move the dangles aside if you can and then cut through one of those links try not to cut your gemstone dangles because I want to show you something with them they will pop off but if you can if you can keep those little little loops in place you can use them for another project so let's attach a jump ring now so to open a jump ring you're going to grab it with a pair of chain nose pliers on either side of the opening with the opening facing up top and just twist open again we're gonna find that core chain link that jump ring to it and then link it to your magnetic clasp and close it back up like so and now we're gonna go to the other side and do the exact same thing so again you're not wanting to attach it to a dangle you are wanting to attach it to that Center chain you know the other half of the clasp it is magnetic it's a nice strong magnet - and close that back up and we have a finished bracelet and I'm going to show you what it looks like on so there we go so a really nice easy design and we do love magnetic clasp here at beat Holly gonna wear this as I do the other one so here we have this chain where you do have all the little gemstones you have a single row of them with these little pallets and I have 21 inches here and for this particular design I like the idea that the pallets are not going to be spaced evenly when I do three layers I'm going to do like this and like that and like that so to begin with we want to make sure we have an intact link on the end so if you look at this one here that was cut so we want to cut that one off on its other loop so we're just gonna cut it right here and now we have a nice loop ready to go to attach a jump ring to in just a minute now I think I am gonna lay this down and I'm gonna make this one about six inches so if you look at where six inches is it would be right here on that gemstone I don't want that to happen so I'm gonna cut the next link off again making sure I have that little loop intact and now this one is cut so I'm going to cut this one off okay and now I'm going to measure another six inches see that is cut off it has a little bit of a little hang thing left there but there is a loop intact and that's gonna look just fine because this is this wonderful multi-layered look alright so we look at our six inches again it's kind of in the middle of a link so I'm just gonna cut the next one over there we go nice loop intact this one alright and something interesting happened here you can see that now our end link is one of these pallets so I'm just gonna cut off any excess wire there that is fine I'll be really pretty ok and oh this is gonna end on a pallet - how fun okay so just cut this one off there we go so we've got our three lengths of chain and we have a little bit left over save that for a project make a pair of earrings out of it whatever sounds good I think it's a really really pretty chain and I never toss gemstone chain links they're so fun so open up a jump ring we're using the larger size jump ring for this one we're just gonna put it through that hole then we've got all these little loops intact and ready to go so we're just gonna do three strands it'll be a three strand bracelet and now we're gonna close it and then we're gonna go to the other side and attach all of these guys to a jump ring as well okay lay this out there we go that's fine if they get a little bit twisted and overlapping it's supposed to look like just a wonderful cluster of gemstone chain so I'm just gonna pick these guys up and you can mix and match gemstone chain if you wanted to do three lengths of different styles or or different types of gemstones you could by all means do that it would be really pretty okay we're going to close that jump ring and now we're ready to attach our clasp so we're going to take another jump ring and we're just going to link it to the one we already have and then link it to the edge loop okay and now we're gonna do the same on the other side sticking to my pliers okay let's see what this one looks like on so there is our bracelet okay and then with the magnetic clasp it makes it really easy to attach so there's the edge so a couple really quick easy but very pretty actually quite fancy looking gemstone chain bracelets using the ter cast caravan magnetic clasps hope you enjoy this really pretty quick and easy video here at please check out our website for the selection of the gemstone chain and all of these lovely pieces by tierracast you

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