Visual Guide to Czech Glass Bead Styles

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Designer: Julie Bean
Czech Glass beads come in a wonderful array of shapes and styles with holes ranging from 1 to 4. This video is a visual guide to the styles available at Beadaholique and also showcases some beading projects using these high quality Czech Glass beads. Patterns for the beading projects can also be found at Beadaholique.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and this video is a visual guide to check glass bead shapes and styles and you can see I have quite a few to show you here and I've also pulled some projects our designers have created using these different beads I actually want to start with the projects just to give you a little inspiration and then I'll go into the actual individual beaded Styles here we have a wrap tassel bracelet and this was done just using beading wire and a simple stringing method and this uses two whole bar beads these two bracelets are the same pattern just in different colorways and they use silky beads here are two memory wire bracelets not traditional memory wire bracelet like you might be used to but these have been finished a little bit differently to create a cuff design and they use brick beads another project using silky beads a couple projects using pyramids now these are two whole pyramid beads and you can see large as well as small this really pretty bracelet right here it uses drupe beads and I'm not saying Czech glass over and over again just know any of these beads that I'm pulling out and pointing to are Czech glass which means they're of a beautiful quality here are a couple memory wire bracelets using czech fire polish round beads a couple different sizes these two bracelets over here again the same pattern just a different colorway use piggy beads as well as round fire polish beads this is a kumihimo braided bracelet which uses pip beads and I love the petal look of those another project with piggy beads really fun edgy modern bracelet which uses spike beads these are peacock dagger beads and round fire polish now I'm going to go into the individual styles over here and where needed I'm going to show you the whole orientation as well a lot of these beads are part of the checkmates beading system which means they are compatible and work very well together they fit quite nicely so our product listings will note if they are part of the checkmate system or not this first one is a silky bead I just pulled out a couple different colors here I'm going to show you where the holes are it's a two hole bead then you can see the whole orientation kind of got a diamond square look to it two hole spacer bar beads these are nice large-scale beads to whole bar beads to whole crescent shaped beads to whole hexagon pyramid beads again I want to show you where the holes are so you can kind of think how you might want to work it into a design two whole lentil beads two whole piggy beads important to note with the piggy bead there's a hole in the middle and then one off to the side which creates that really nice petaled cupping effect when you work them into your beading projects two whole pyramid beads now like the pyramid beads a lot of these beads come in different sizes I just for the most part pulled one size of each to hold tip studded beads to whole triangle beads for whole lentils for whole square beads we've got some dark neon beads right here which come in a variety of shapes now these three here are all fire polish beads we've got rondelle's rounds and teardrop shape these are all single hole right here unless I note that there are two hole bead you can assume that they're a single hole bead we've got two whole brick beads bright neons in contrast to the dark ones you just saw again in a variety of shapes and styles over here are Oh beats and I love how small these are I like to use them as spacer beads lentils just a single hole oval drops side drilled twist beads okay I want to show you where this hole is and then we put a couple of these in a row it creates a really fun effect for the sky as you can see here round ruk beads cathedral beads now these come in a variety of different shapes but they all have this wonderful tapered end to them I think those are very pretty and old-world looking to hold dagger beads single hold dagger beads and mini dagger beads now for the two whole ones we have a little flower that we've made here to show you how you can incorporate them into a design over here I have donut links ovals melon which have that really nice corrugated look to them along the edges hearts here you see a collection of flowers and leaves now there are many more than what you see here I just pulled a couple but these are really a lovely aspect to the czech glass bead line that you just don't see in other lines pick beads little drop beads spikes and a variety of sizes flat drop beads I'll show you where this hole lines up these are really pretty to layer together on a strong necklace kind of imagine the fan effect that they'll create when they're strung together party beads really wonderful bright dynamic beads large whole European style beads for your large whole bracelets single whole and double whole square beads so the single whole square bead has a hole down the center and the two whole square bead has holes along the side peacock beads they come in a variety of shapes and colors window beads again a variety of shapes and colors now these two beads here I really want to show you a side by side comparison we've got the Tango bead and the key op speed both are a triangle-shaped bead but what really differentiates them besides they're slightly different shape is their whole orientation so with the Tango's you can see that the hole is at a diagonal and then with the key ops the holes are a little bit more straightforward where you would expect them on a triangle-shaped bead then we've got the ripple beads and last but not least we have some wonderful novelty beads and there are more than what you see here but I just pulled out some shamrocks smiley faces some little stars ladybugs and some fruits as well you can find all of these beads in a bunch of different colors as well as all the projects you've seen in this video of you

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