The BeadSmith Multi-Mandrel

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Designer: Julie Bean
Use the Multi-Mandrel to create jump rings, pendants, earrings, and more. This handy wire wrapping tool has 4 different shaped heads (square, triangle, oval, and round) in graduated sizes which all fit into an easy to grip interchangeabl
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Hi. This is Julie with Today I want to show you a very handy tool. It's the multi mandrel put out by BeadSmith. What it consists of is four different mandrel heads. We have a triangle, circle, a square and an oval. We have a handle which fits into each of the heads. So I'm going to open this up and show you how this works. What we have is each mandrel head fits nicely into the handle. It slips on very easily. As you can see here I have the triangle shape. There's a nice oval and you'll see these graduated steps so you can go from a large oval to a very small oval if your perhaps making your own oval jump rings. For the larger ones you could be making hoop earrings or whatever takes your fancy. It's nice to have this handle to hold on to. I know oftentimes when I'm making wire wrapping an object around a lid of a bottle and sometimes it's a little bit more difficult because there's not anything really good grip so I like this handle quite a bit. So real quickly I'm going to cut a little bit of wire I have twenty two gauge craft wire right here. Since the triangle one is already on there I'm going to show you how to use it. I'm going to take a gradual step about midway. I'm going to take my thumb and I'm gonna hold my wire against the mandrel. I like to do it right along the ends it gives it something to grip. I'm going to take my thumb and I'm actually taking my nail and press the wire against the mandrel. You can see I'm holding the mandrel base with my hands. I've got a really good grip. I'm just gonna ease the wire around the edge. I'm going take my fingernail and really press that in there and get a nice clean, tight line. Then I'm going to continue along the other side. Again hold it into place. On this one here I'm just going to twist my two wires together. I'd be making an earring or something here where I'd want an wire form and because it does graduate to come smaller this is going to pop right off As you can see we have the perfect triangle. So that's going to work if you're doing a triangle, a square, an oval or a round. That's all there is to it to the BeadSmith multi-mandrel. A very handy tool I hope you enjoy. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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