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Hi. This is Julie from and today I want to show you how to use french wire. When you get your french wire it's going to come in a package like this and it shows that it's a gold color it's fourteen inches. A little goes a long way with french wire. When you first pull it out you'll notice is not stiff like normal wire that you use. It's actually quite flexible and really actually very springy. The way you're going to use this is your first off going to try to not stretch it out. I have a little piece right here in which I have stretched out just so that I can show you that it is actually a series of tightly wound coils. This is not going to usable now this piece but you want to be careful not to stretch. It's very flexible. So to use french wire you're going to snip off about a half of an inch. How ever much you want to have. The purpose of french wires that it protects your beading wire and it gives you a really finished polished professional look. So now I have a piece of beading wire in gold. I'm going to put on my crimp bead and then right after the crimp bead there's a little hole within the coils of the french wire is going to put my beading wire right through that little hole and I'm going to add my clasp My clasp is actually going to go over the french wire as well. Just as if I was going to crimp my bead normally I just take my end of my beading wire. Thread it back through the crimp bead and pull snug. I'm just going to crimp my crimp bead like normal. And there you have a very polished finished effect using french wire. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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