The Beadsmith Mini-Storage Tote

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video shows all the wonderful and useful aspects of The Bead Smith Mini Storage Tote: the adjustable and removable strap, compact size, multiple zippers for easy access, 6 interior acrylic hinged boxes (3 with dividers, 3 without), and more. For those of us who take our beads with us to classes, vacations, or even the park, this mini tote is a must!
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Julie with Today I want to show you something which literally stop me in my tracks on my way up to my office this morning. So I was passing through the warehouse and I saw this little tote. I was like hmmm. What's that and it really caught my eye. So I wanted to show you what it is. This is a Bead Smith mini tote and it's great for transporting your beads. If you're going to be doing beadwork on the go. If you're going to be taking classes or a like myself I've been trying to do beadwork in the park at night. It's been so pretty out. So it's sometimes hard to find a way of carrying and transporting your beads and this is a perfect solution. On the side you can see it has a strap which is actually adjustable which is really nice. It also detaches so that when you are at home you don't have to have the strap on. I'm going to take this off right now so I can actually show you the tote a little bit more. It measures the total of eight and a half inches high by seven-and-a-half wide by five inches deep. So it's a nice compact size that when you're not using it you can just put it in your bookshelf or tuck away neatly. To open it up it has a nice velcro and it actually has four zippers for easy access. You're going to have two on each side and two down the front. What lays inside are all of your treasures. So inside of this little handy tote you have six storage cases. You've got three which are just has no division so you can put larger items in them. Then you're gonna have three that have little compartments. Nine compartments each. They're hinged so you just open them up. You'll have a nice long compartment in the front and four small ones on the side. You can hear that snap in place. So they're going to lock into place and really contain your beads so they won't go everywhere if this happened to take a tumble. So a couple suggestions on what you can do. I like to use one just for my findings. It divides them nicely and they're really easy to access. I have another one for miscellaneous beads and actually I like to keep some of my beads the smaller ones like these flat back rhinestones I like to keep them in their little plastic baggies just in case i may be working and this is open and then I happen to spill it some times it is nice to have them in the baggies already. But you can see you can fit a lot items in here. Another great idea is all these tubes. If you do a lot of bead weaving and you have the little the seed containers they're great for this because they fit nicely in there. Also these type tubes which we sell empty here at You can go ahead and fill it for yourself with whatever you might have like head pins eye pins. These are little crimp covers. You can actually fit eleven across of the bigger tubes and then you could fit another layer of eleven on top which is kinda nice. You're going to get a lot of storage. Then another use finely are for your tools and another reason why this makes it such a great little carrying case to take to workshops or classes you can fit some nice tools inside of this longer case as well. If you wanted to you can fit a whole set of mini tools in there. Sometimes the larger ones take up a little bit more room. As you can see you just stack these back in place. You zip it back up. Velcro it. You have a nice handle and you're ready to go. So I hope you enjoy this little product demo. I you can see a little bit more about what this mini tote is all about. I'm going to pick one up for myself so I can do more work in the park and I hope you enjoy it as well. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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