How to Use Epoxy Stickers

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Designer: Julie Bean
Epoxy stickers are an excellent inexpensive alternative to resin and glass domes when wanting to create a clear domed effect over an image. Learn to use these stickers on top of collage artwork, old photos, other stickers, or any other paper. Tips on how to use the stickers, handle them, and apply them.
Audio Transcript
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Thanks for joining us here at This is Julie and I'm going to show you a very fun you product that we're carrying and that is epoxy stickers. I have a sheet here. There are twenty five on the sheet. When you order them, it'll come like this. You'll have a row of five by five and you can order them in lots of twenty five, fifty, hundred or two hundred. And what you see is there is a coating on the top protecting their surface and there is a piece of plastic which they're actually adhere to because they are stickers. You're not gonna wanna remove either of these sheets until you are ready to actually use a sticker. So this is how they're going to come. Now I'm going to show you a sheet I've been working with. And it's next right here. You can see that I've been cutting them out and the reason I want to do that I don't wanna take them off of their backing until I'm ready to actually use them. So I'm going to cut one. That's going to be the one I'm going to use. So the reason you're not going to remove that back film until you're ready to use your epoxy sticker is because it picks up all sorts of dust, little hairs and anything that maybe on your fingers or work surface. It's a little bit hard to see but this stick-um back is now coated in all sorts of little debris and that's going to actually obstruct your image and make it like it doesn't look like you have a clear glassy dome finish. Now also I want to show you how very flexible these stickers are. Very bendable and you can also cut them if you need to. Very easily with a pair of scissors. Now you can go about this a couple different ways. I like to cut it like this so I can use it as a template so I hold it over my image. Kind of see what I might like. I have several different collage sheets here. That way you can size it up and make sure everything's going to be within your circle. These are one inch in diameter which is a very handy size. It makes it so that they fit very well into not only bottle caps put a lot of different bezel settings. So once you've chosen an image you like such as this little bird here. You're gonna go ahead and remove the top film and you're going to remove the back. You've going to try to not actually touch that backside which has the adhesive on it. Carefully turn it over and place it onto your image how you want it and press it in to place. You can go ahead if you're worried fingerprints put that top sheet back on and smooth it over. You can pre-cut your image to one inch in diameter or if you have a hole punch go ahead and prepunch it ahead of time. Personally I don't like to do that. I like to be able to play with my image a little bit with my sticker. and get it positioned exactly how I want it and have that flexibility especially if I'm using a larger image then I'm just going to be using a portion of. Then I cut around it very liberally. And now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to carefully cut around the edge of my epoxy sticker. Just like that I now have my image. Now I'm going to take a bottle cap. I've already removed the liner. You can see how to do that in another tutorial. What you're going to want to do, you'll see that this actually set right down in there. So now you're just going to take some glue. I'm going to use a white glue here, nunn design glue. So I put this on my finger. You can use a paint brush. I personally like to just be able to do things right away and not have to clean out a paint brush but everyone is different. Just put it on the back. Make sure you don't touch the front. Set it down into your bottle cap and press into place. All you need to do after that to make this into a magnet would be to put a magnet on the back. I have one right here. What I would do is wait for this to dry. I'd use a little bit of E6000 and put it right on the back. This is a rare earth magnet. They're very nice. They're very powerful and very sleek. So they give you a very nice low-profile for you magnet when it's on the fridge. So here are some examples of projects which haves use the epoxy stickers. I have a bottle cap necklace right here hanging on the ball chain here's a nice magnet. You can see on the back it's got a three and a quarter inch craft magnet. Here is a pendant in progress. What's nice is that the epoxy stickers have enough space when you put them into a bottle cap that you can actually do a little collage setting on top of them if you want or have something set like this here where I have a little bird floating in it. I also have a pair of earrings here. Real simple, I'm going to show you how to do these in other tutorial. A bottle cap earring set with a paris scene and then I have another little pendant right here with a little birdie flying in it. So these are just a few examples of things you can do with the epoxy stickers. Really let your mind go, the possibilities are really limitless. And that is all there is to using epoxy stickers. Have fun. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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