Swarovski Crystal Innovations Spring-Summer 2015 Release

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, Julie with Beadaholique reviews the latest Austrian crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2015 release. She shows examples of the new color Tangerine, the new effect Crystal Iridescent Green, and the new pearl Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl. She also reviews the new shapes and styles including the new Grand Crystalactite, Petite Crystalactite, Raindrop Pendant, Skull Bead, Mini Rhombus, Mini Rectangle, Mini Drop, Bow Tie Flatback, and 4-hole Rivoli Button.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique.com and I have a fun product showcase for you today this is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS innovations collection for spring and summer 2015. Now a couple times a year SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS releases some new shapes, new colors, new affects and it's really fun to see what they've come up for us to be able to incorporate into our jewelry design so we look forward to every launch and I wanted to actually take an opportunity. I've have never done this before to actually show you in a video form what the new collection comprises of. First off the newest color is this wonderful tangerine color. It's very vibrant. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS tells us that it was inspired by the Mandarin garnet but I think it looks very summery and looks like sunset just really fresh and clean. I'm going to pull a piece of white paper over here because it might be a little easier to see the true color against a white background this is the tangerine color and this might be something you want to consider pairing with violet oranges and purples always look beautiful together you can also pair it with the new effect which is going to be Crystal Iridescent Green. So those would look great paired together. You could even do like a smoky topaz, if you want to tone it down a little bit or maybe go in the blue direction like a turquoise or maybe even a aquamarine. That's a couple different ideas and like I said I did pull out the newest effecct which is Crystal Iridescent Green which has a great gold shimmer to it. I think that's really pretty so I have a couple different examples of it right here and so this might be something you would pair with like a vintage rose, a denim blue maybe even a tanzanite. So different options there. So the new colors are tangerine and the effect is crystal Iridescent Green and the new Pearl as also the crystal iridescent green pearl I have a little coin pearl and some baroque pearls here to show you this so I feel like the blue comes out a little bit more in the Pearl than it necessarily does in the crystal. So this feels like a blue-green pearl to me, which is real pretty. It has a nice vintage feel to it You might want to consider pairing this with a petrol pearl would be really pretty. You can do it with mauves, purples, go with some neutrals, a nice antique gold would be lovely and now let me show you the new shapes and styles I'll put these back. Probably the most talked about one is the skull bead. It comes in two different sizes. We have a nineteen millimeter and we have a 13 millimeter and you can see where it's drilled, see the hole placement now I want to just turn this a little. You can see the various facets involved so this is going to be a great piece to incorporate into your designs, give them a really dramatic effect. So small one, large one. You see the size comparison here very very cool bead, a lot of things you can do with this another really talked about release is going to be the Grand Crystalactite Pendant. I hope I'm saying that right this is the large size which is 56 millimeters It is a very a dramatic shape, it's modern it'll look great hanging just as a pendant by itself and it also comes in a smaller 30 millimeter size which you might want to consider for earrings or something if you don't want something like this. This is actually quite heavy. This is a big piece but you can see how the light catches in the facets and then we also have a Petite Crystalactite Pendant which is a little different shape It almost has more of a blunt feel to it and again this would make a great pendant. You could probably get away with this for earrings as well but those are really new fun pieces that have been added to the collection we also have a new button which is a four-hole button I do like putting this on the white just so you can see it a little bit better you see what the back looks like and then the front and this is in the Crystal Iridescent Green It's got great shimmer to it and then we have a Xirius Raindrop Pendant which are side drilled here's the large size which is going to be 24 millimeter and then we also have a little one which is 14 millimeter said that's a fun new shape as well and then moving along we have new mini beads and we've got six different ones large to small. So we have a new mini rectangle bead and this one here is going to be a 10x8 and the smaller one is gonna be 8x6 we have a new Rhombus Mini Bead. I'll show you where that hole is, so it's going through it so that's going to be in 8 millimeters and 6 millimeters and then we have the new Drop Mini Bead shape which is going to be again in two sizes. We have a 12x8 and we have a 6x10. You can actually see there's quite a size difference in these, between the small and the large ones You want to pay close attention when ordering but these would be great in perhaps earring designs were you want a little bit more of a petite scale you might want to add multiples of them. So those are the new mini beads and they're beautifully faceted and then the last new item I wanna show you is this cute little Bow Tie Flatback. So this is a flatback, so you would glue it on it's got a great bow shape and the way it is cut, you can actually see the center of the bow in the middle if I can get the light to catch here for you it comes in a variety of colors, it's just a really fun new piece what I like about Swarovski's newest release here is it combines really good basic structural pieces like these little many beads that are going to be great to incorporate into some more classic designs, give you more options and then at the same time they threw in pieces like the skull beads, the bows, the Crystalactite Pendants, things are very modern that are very you know kind of in line with what's trending right now and what's popular in fashion. So it's nice that they did blend the two worlds together so you've got the classic, you got the elegant, but you also have the modern, you have the hip so I hope you enjoyed this quick overview. I hope you enjoyed actually seeing some of the beads in terms of their scale against each other and being able to see the colors and the different facets in a video form If you like this I'll keep doing this for every new Swarovski release Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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