Product Spotlight: Vintaj Tools

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video showcases a number of the great tools offered by the Vintaj Company. You are probably most familiar with their stampings and filigrees but they also offer a high quality tool line as well. The tools shown in the video are the: relief block, rivet hole punch pliers, chain nose pliers, filigree shaping and bail making pliers, bench block, 4oz and 8oz ball pein hammers, metal awl, metal file, round nose pliers, flush cutters, and 1-step looper pliers.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you an over for some of the tools offered by Vintaj. You're probably familiar with Vintaj for their really great stampings and filigrees. They have them in a pewter finish, antique brass, artisan copper and even an arte metal. So that's probably what you're most familiar with but I want to show you their tools. I want to do a quick overview just so you can see what's available so they do have a four once and a eight ounce ball pain hammer. These are great if you're doing some metal stamping or if you want to some texturizing they work really well with the rest of their product line and to coordinate with that they have a bench block as well this is heavy, that a solid bench block these are gonna work in conjunction with each other and then they've got a relief block and I have one here that we've been using in the design department quite a while and it is a fantastic piece and I wanna show you in a second how to use it. They've got You're probably familiar with round nose pliers and they've got chain nose pliers and what's great about these is they actually have a little cutter in with them as well. So it's two tools in one. They have a metal file which is great if you cut oft a loop from what say you didn't want this to be a link, you wanted it to be a pendant and want to cut off that loop, you might use the metal file to sand that down and then they got these other tools which I pulled from their packaging so I can show you more of how they work and their lovely grips as well. I wanted to show you this so this is your usual flush cutter and what's nice about it is as you can see it goes to a really nice tapered point and that's ideal if you are going to be doing some fine detail work in your jewelry then we've also got a hole punch plier which actually comes with a replaceable little tip as well which is fantastic this gonna punch a 1.5 millimeter hole in a stamping blank. So I've got a blank here. Say we wanted to add a third hole, we're going to place it between the two noses of the plier and just squeeze you could actually hear that little bit of metal shoot out and then just pull it away from the plier you can see we now have three holes. We add another one. We could add however many we want. Then we've got a metal awl so this comes with a little protective tip and where you might use this is let's say you're working on with a piece of filigree and you want to widen one of these holes, maybe it's not big enough to fit a jump ring through. Just take the awl, put it in there twist a little bit and you'll see I've just widen that hole which is a handy tool to have I did promise to show you the Vintaj relief block so you'll see you might want to bring out the detail a little bit more and to do that you're going to sand it with the relief block. You can see now more that shinier brass come through the antique brass you're gonna use thick dark grey sides to sand it and then you use this side two buff it a little bit, make it a little shinier and I'll show you the before and after. So there's one that I just did and here's what it looked like originally I'll do this on a little a squirrel this is one of their newer releases. You can see his fur is just coming to life really quickly and easily with the relief block that's a really fun tool, we use this all the time in the design department and there's two other tools I wanna show you and one is a filigree shaping plier. It's got two different sizes of noses and you'll be able to shape filigree with this and even make bails so I'll take this piece that we just did, put it between the pliers noses, bend it and I'm going to walk it around a little bit and bend it some more. I'm just using my fingers and we have just shaped that filigree piece really very easily and so that could be a bail or we could just use it as a component within our creation and then lastly I wanna show you the one-step looping pliers you might have seen these before. They're actually a really cool tool and what they allow you to quickly and easily make perfect simple loops every time. So I'm gonna put a couple beads onto a head pin going to place that head pin up through the hole in the top until the beads are resting on this little notch then all I'm going to do is squeeze and look we have a little loop and thats as easy as can be. You can make great little dangles in no time. So that was just a quick overview on some other tools offered by the Vintaj company They're really nice quality and they're a great line to consider working into your jewelry making. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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