Show & Tell: Zola Elements Colorful Resin and Metal Components

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the latest from Zola Elements. Inspired by the vintage look of tortoise shell, the resin pieces come in three distinct colors: rich blue Twilight, fun pink Garden Party, and the classic Tortoise Shell. Also from Zola, we have some wonderful metal pieces in antiqued silver finish and satin gold finish that coordinate and pari nicely with the colorful resin.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with bine them and we're going to show you actually a couple different projects that do combine some of the metal elements that I have here and some of the colorful resin pieces so let's start up at the top here and let me start on this side this is just a really fun piece this is the garden party and this is a nice little resin so it's lightweight and you can just see that it's nice and thick there but it adds just a nice little element we put a little Swarovski crystal at the top to add a little sparkle but it's just a really lovely line and just you know kind of looking at this you can see that each piece is really unique so it's giving you that great sort of vintage look but with these nice resin pieces now we have some hoops here and we have some connectors with two holes and single holes so we've done a lot of projects to really kind of showcase these so in this one here in the garden party you can see that we used an oval focal in this pair of earrings now you are probably more familiar with something more like this tortoise shell but again we have the same shapes here so we have these little pendants we have these lovely little squares here and this one was nice and easy to add an earring back to so that you can create a nice lightweight post earring and again you're getting that beautiful vintage style so we have the garden party the tortoise shell and this is the Twilight so it's gonna be a little blue and there's just a lot of little kind of cool striations that happen in here it's really nice you get a lot of that white and a lot of that beautiful blue that's happening in there so this is really nice this is going to re read really really lovely for spring I'm very excited to use this so this is what I was talking about you can actually see that there's this necklace over here and in this one we combined it by using some of these twisted jump rings and it sort of just adds a nice little metal component to it and again with a nice chunky chain it really is a nice little small but still a statement necklace and in this pair of earrings this is a Zola element as well and we wanted to use those little stick pendants there to create this fun little fringy look so you can see again that we've gone with a post but you have that nice connector at the top to bring in some of that blue and then this beautiful antique silver finish zola connector and then we have these fun little fringy pieces here at the bottom and those are going to be that beautiful resin so definitely they look wonderful with the metal pieces but of course they're great on their own as well alright so speaking of some of those metal pieces let me start over on this side we have brought in a couple of new chains here and you can see that this was actually just a really quick project because we were like oh how fun is that just to add a little magnetic clasp so you can create a little triple strand bracelet and it's fun and it's kind of got like a nice little confetti look but it just has a little magnetic clasp so something nice and delicate and dainty so we did that one there and then we also have this chain that I am definitely inspired to do something with it has these nice little Sun charms on it and little crystals as well so you can just see that this will be really fun to play with come summertime alright so some more metal elements here you can see that we have these little triangle trios here so you can actually see it a little bit closer at the bottom of the necklace here we've done this really beautiful long necklace with that little V and then added a little pendant here at the bottom so as you can just kind of see we have all different metal elements we also have this is the same piece that you saw in the silver up there so you can actually do this one in silver or gold and I just want to point this out really quick the gold does look really lovely with the blue as well I know we use silver there but just so you know if you're kind of mixing and matching some metals the gold I think would still look really lovely with that Twilight blue alright and then we have some other pieces down here now these are open jump rings on all of these little charms here so you can just add them to something or you can remove them and just use the little charm on something so there's a lot you can do with that alright some other metal elements here we've put some pieces onto some earrings and then this is kind of a neat little piece I wanted to pull out for you now you'll see that it's kind of ridged on the back there this is actually in the back so the front is a little bit smoother it's that antique silver finish you can see there but the back was just you know it was just really kind of interesting so I wanted to add a little pop of color there so you know just feel free to switch these around and mix-and-match and you can see that that happens also here with my little Crescent now this is a beautiful satin gold finish so you can see that it's not quite matte but it's not really shiny either so it's just got that really nice satiny quality so you can use the front or the back of that and you can choose which one is the front or the back and then finally I have this beautiful tassel necklace here and this uses that really fun little fist charm and pendant so it has a nice little hole there and what I did it was I put a little jump ring through it so I did this one in a full video so we do have videos for many of the projects that you see here and we have always the full tutorials over at but this is a wonderful collection it's very vintage inspired and worldly inspired so we are so excited to bring it in for you so this is the latest from Zola elements and you can get all of these supplies and all of the tutorials by heading over to

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