Show & Tell: Western Winds & Happy Go Lucky TierraCast Collections

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will get a look at the latest collections from TierraCast. The Western Winds & Happy Go Lucky Collections showcase TierraCast's signature metals: antiqued copper plated, antiqued silver plates, 22K gold plated and brass oxide. Mix and match with their other collections to create a beautiful global chic style.
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Hi, this is Kat with and also at the happy go-lucky collection from tierracast we wanted to just kind of combine these in this video because they actually go really well together so as you can see there's a nice cohesive look with the classic tier cast metals and i'm gonna go over those for you if you're unfamiliar with tierracast by starting with these big bright beautiful feathers over here so you can see that I've used the two silver ones in a design here but they also have a really neat antique copper so when you look at this you'll see a lot of the black in there and that's sort of that antique look but you also get that nice beautiful flash of the copper so we have the antique copper we have the antique gold down here and you can just see I'll kind of bring it up here so you can see how different the gold is from the brass oxide so this is going to be a little bit more of that warmer tone and the Gold's gonna be just a little bit brighter there so just you can kind of see them side by side and I figured the big feathers here are a good way to do that now you can actually see how big that feather is in my hand but this is really great it's gonna make some wonderful statement jewelry alright so now that you know the four finishes of tierracast I want to talk a little bit about some of these shank buttons up here now these are really great and you can see on the back they have a single shank and these are great for the rapid loom bracelets I made a really small one here because I wanted to be able to stack it up so use some 1.5 millimeter leather cord some Griffin silk and then some would be it's in there along with some amethyst beads as well so some little gemstones so I'm probably going to use that to stack up some bracelets so again we have the antique silver antique gold antique copper and I used the brass oxide for my design here and what's great is you can actually add vintage patina to a lot of these elements to pull out another little color so let's say you wanted to add a little bit of purple there to draw it in with a bracelet you can absolutely do that and we have videos showing you how to you vintaj patinas alright so in my other design here so I made our nice beautiful long leather necklace and these are 600 Toho and unions seed beads here now I will say this I discovered something that not all seed beads are created equal when it comes to this leather this is a 1.5 millimeter millimeter leather cord that we have here at beadaholique beads really worked well the Toho is this beautiful turquoise color and the unions is actually this silver color that I sort of added a few in just to bring in a little bit more of that metal element but I will say that some of the Czech glass did not fit on this the holes just weren't as large and if you have a little trouble getting your cord through some of the beads just cut it at an angle so you let create a little sort of needle for yourself so just a little tip but I added in this little bead in the center here and you can see these sort of saucer beads right here very cool and they have a nice little sort of edging on the sides and just to kind of give you the little side view there like I said they kind of look like little little UFOs so very cute little beads just to add a little extra embellishment to your design alright and now we have these Thunderbirds now this is from the western winds collection and these are really fun I love these and I just want to show you because it looks like I've done this design with two different ones but these are actually double-sided so when you're doing your bead weaving or rather your wire looping here just make sure that you have one facing one way and one facing the other way but that way you kind of get two out of one so you get a nice little mirrored image especially when you're making earrings now this is a very simple brick stitch and again we have videos showing you how to do a nice form brick stitch and just I added a little Swarovski crystal to either side just to really accentuate that turquoise we have a few more beads over here now these again are that little saucer shape they're a little smaller but they're really really sweet and again just to add that little embellishment and you can see that we have these in the four finishes there as well some little drops here again just to add a little something extra and then this design here I did a triple strand using the 1.5 mm leather cord in a natural red color because this is part of the happy-go-lucky so I wanted to bring in you know we have a little Ganesh here we have an evil eye and then we have a little kitty cat here and that's sort of that little paw that you're probably familiar seeing within Chinese culture sort of also considered a lucky cat but we have him here as well so again in those different finishes and then down here we have those little evil eyes now some of them come with the blue stone in the center and then some come without a stone so we have the pendants and the links but if you wanted to add your own you can just use a little dab of e6000 that's the glue that we recommend and then this is a Swarovski crystal flatback rhinestone in a size 20 so this is a stone size 20 or you'll see it more commonly on our website as ss-20 so you can add whichever color you like we have over 60 colors to choose from so be sure to head over to and choose your favorites you can totally personalize these but we do have the ones that come with that nice sort of traditional blue crystal as well alright I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see all of these tutorials by heading over to and if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell so you don't miss a thing from beadaholique

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