Show & Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Findings Variety Packs

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video learn all about the recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of exclusive variety packs. These are a great value with each pack featuring hundreds of findings. The packs include earring wires, earring backs, jump rings, head pins and eye pins, and split rings. All of these finding packs come in reusable plastic storage containers with convenient dividers for keeping all your findings organized.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and they're in additions to once we already have on so you can find a lot of other wonderful exclusive finding kits there too so I want to start opening these up and showing you exactly what they are because as designers we spent a long time picking out what we felt would be the most useful findings and the most useful assortment so if you look at the Box you see this is the jump ring variety pack it's gold-plated there's 600 pieces in here so there are a lot it comes in this really cute little case that you can definitely reuse once you go through all these but it'll take a while to go through them so you see that we've got oval which I am starting to really love oval jump rings we've got rounds and different gauges and different sizes and in this there's actually a split ring as well which is really handy because sometimes you just need that one split ring so that is the gold plated jump ring variety pack there is a silver plated version of it as well you see all those wonderful beautiful silver plated jump rings because if you're designing a project sometimes you need like two or three or even four different sizes of jump rings so it's really nice to be able to get them in one pack and have them handy and it's kind of cool you could just stack these on the edge of your desk too and then we also have the variety pack this assorted finishes so this is if you want to use a bunch of different metal colors so we're going to open this up and you see we've got like a gunmetal and antique brass we've got the gold we've got the silver and again you're getting them in different sizes I know for me I often use a little four millimeter one for a lot of the actual piecing together a piece of jewelry and then a bigger one for the clasp second half of a clasp if I'm using a lobster spring ring so it's nice to get those together so those are the jump ring ones we're going to move over here we've got head pin and I pin variety pack so this is gold plated you're going to get 225 pieces so quite a few and you can see again we're talking about different lengths and different cages I'll show you the silver as well again 225 pieces and here we've got an eye pin we put that out here for you and then a head pin and if you're new to beading the eye pin has a little loop on the end and the head pin it comes to a nice stop it's got just like almost like a little tab or something that's gonna stop your beads also notice because we had to take out some of the inserts here to be able to fit these longer ones we actually are giving you the little inserts so when you've used all these guys up you can just plop it in there and you can use it for another purpose would be great for maybe storing shut-ins or storing little Czech glass beads or little bicones whatever you want and there's also a head pin variety pack as well I know this is 225 pieces and you see we've got the antique brass the gold-plated and the silver plated and I'm gonna keep moving right along there's a lot to show you here so here we have an earring wire one now this is two hundred and sixty two pieces this is gold plated and a variety of styles so we've got kidneys if you pull out the kidney one we've got this one this is really probably one of my all-time favorite earrings we often refer to this as a long elegant earring hook and that was just really beautiful and classic we've got lever backs and then just an assortment of other shapes and styles so a lot of fun earrings in here and so many of them if you see how many are packed in here it's gonna keep you busy for a very long time then we've also got the silver plated version of that kit as well and this one you can see it's got this really pretty little detailing on this lever back right here so again you've got the kidneys long elegance just beautiful I'm gonna keep moving along actual I want to go right here because we're talking about earrings then I'll come back to this last one so if you do a lot of post earrings you need backs and here is a 520 piece earring back variety kit and you get a lot of them so you've got ones with these nice bigger plastic tabs which some people find a little bit more comfortable and they also give you more of a surf to anchor your earring you've got the bullet clutches you've got these wonderful little guys here they're just the nice standard ones and then you got these guys too which are quite nice and fancy so that is a really nice earring back as well and then if you don't want a metal earring back and you want a clear one so this is really great for people with metal sensitivities so this is eight hundred and thirty-eight pieces and this is just a ton of items in here so you can see they look very similar to let me put them down here they look very similar to the metal ones but they're not so they're going to be something which is really great and soft on your ear or if you have a long earring wire you can also they if you have it that it comes out of your ear sometimes you can put one of these little guys on the end of it and that will prevent it from slipping out of your ear so that's another great little tip and the last one I want to show you is this one this is a split ring variety pack it's 500 pieces and assorted finishes so these are all split rings so this is great if you really want to make sure something is anchored securely and you see they're different sizes and different gauges as well that was a lot of variety pack so these again they're called beadaholique basics they are exclusively by beadaholique and you can find them at and like I mentioned earlier this is just the newest pieces that we are adding to this collection there are more on the website there's also little findings packs so if you're new to jewelry and you just want to get a great stash going this is a great way to get started and then you'll always know you'll have whatever you want or if you've been a jewelry maker for a long time and you find that you need a lot of head pins and you need a lot of eye pins of different sizes this is a great option too versus buying them all individually so I hope you enjoyed this quick kind of Show and Tell overview of these we had a lot of fun putting them together and we really hope that you like them as much as we do

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