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Hi, this is Kat with wait so you can see that I did this design up here and I sort of incorporated these beautiful six millimeter redwood beads into the design because I really wanted to kind of give it that nice little sort of shape they're happening with some of these other Czech glass seed beads that I have going on and some fun little tassels so you can just see how the red really makes it kind of pop out but it's not a gemstone so it's not going to add extra weight to the piece so you really get the chance to kind of add in a fair amount here so as you can see these are some of the other colors that we have in the six millimeters now I've sort of nestled my packages together but let me kind of pull one out for you here so you really get to see the amount of beads that you're getting with this beautiful packaging here so it's really really wonderful this is a six millimeter round and you're getting actually about 200 pieces in this particular package so a lot of lots of really really fun colors we also do have some like natural wood colors as well and then we also have a fun little mix so very cool so these are the six millimeters now over here we have the four millimeters and here are a couple of the colors that we offer again you can see that it has a different kind of mix here so if you just kind of look the six millimeter has that little primary one but the four millimeter has one of the ones that are a little bit more of those natural wood colors there as well which is actually really nice to use if you just want like just one or two of a certain color to add to your design so here are some of those four millimeters here on my table just so you can see how nice and tiny and cute they really are so really really lovely and then if you're looking for a different type of shape something a little bit different than around we have these here and these are actually really fun so I've brought out the mix onto my table here now just to give you a little size range here so it goes from six millimeters at the base here and then they're 20 millimeters long so they kind of have a nice little tapered shape to them which are really great you can kind of use one or two in a design just has a nice little focal even so really really beautiful and of course then we do have the solid colors as well if you're looking for that alright so some other shapes that we do have I just want to kind of point these out these are sort of little horns or little teeth and they're really fun but they're beautiful wood beads so they have a nice little top drill there and they are about ten millimeters across the top and they come to about four millimeters or so at the base they are 28 millimeters long but as you can see there's a little bit of variation just between the beads but they are still pretty consistent so if you're looking to add one or two or if you're looking to create a pair of earrings these are really fun and wonderful alright so back to some more of the rounds here so I have some 12 millimeter here and I just love the sort of pinky coral which you don't really see a lot in wood beads so I was really excited that we had that color but we do have some other ones as well again we do have the mixes and then we also have some 10 millimeters and we have that bright color mix once again and then last but not least we do have some 8 millimeter beads we have a little bit more of that natural mix but we also do have some lovely blue it's almost like a lapis color we have a dark brown we have some white I love using the white wood beads they just end up looking really really nice and clean in a piece and of course we have some of that red and natural wood as well so these are the colorful seed beads that we offer here at and all kinds of different techniques and they're wonderful to add a little bit of color without adding any weight alright you can get all of these supplies and see these tutorials by heading over to

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