Show & Tell: Austrian Crystal Fancy Stone Pendant Settings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn all about the lovely and very easy to use glue-in Austrian crystal fancy stone pendant settings. These perfectly sized settings fit Austrian crystal fancy stones in pear shape, oval, rivoli, and cushion. They are available in both gold plating and rhodium plating and all feature a nice petite loop at the top. In the video you will also see design inspirations as well as learn how to make a quick and easy pair of earrings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with pendants settings so these are something we've really hoped for for a very long time here at and they are finally here so I want to show you the various styles and shapes so if you look at them they all have something in common they all have this nice loop up at the top which does make them a pendant setting and they come in rhodium plate which is right here as well as a nice gold plate which is right here and they are a great item because they fit the Swarovski fancy stones perfectly so I have a large pair one here this one is a 30 millimeter by a 20 millimeter and you can just pop that pair fancy stone into it cups it you see that nice little rim it's very petite it's very discrete but now you have a nice way of hanging it and although these are pendant settings you can definitely use them for earrings so I want to show you a couple examples of use and then go into the different sizes and shapes so over here I used a Rivoli one as the base and then really the focal point for this rainbow necklace I did I put a little unicorn charm on it too because I could not resist but you see how is that nice Sparkle that bursts of color from it so that's with a necklace application here is a really actually quite simple pair of earrings featuring the ovals and they're just hanging there from a jump ring off of this connector link chain this is called a sequin chain which is really fun and then our designer Kat she made this pretty Y shaped necklace with the cushion stone setting one you see on the back it looks very nice these are very delicate actually which I love because if you're making delicate jewelry like Kat did here it's nice to see that that really that setting doesn't take center stage it's really a vehicle to show off the fancy stone so what shapes and sizes are available so up here you see we have the oval and this is what we did for this pair of earrings here so you have two sizes of the oval we've got a 14 by 10 as well as an 18 by 13 I just want to show you what a stone would look like in there so really pretty and the way you're going to adhere the stones is with a little bit of e6000 glue these are glue and settings I'm going to show you that at the end of the video where I make a quick pair of earrings the next row are Rivoli so Ridley's of course have the pointed back and you see the actual setting itself has the pointed back so if you want it to take a Rivoli and just set it in there of course the glue would keep it stable and in place but there it does have that nice perfect shape to it and there are two sizes of the Rivoli the 14 millimeter as well as the 18 millimeter pop a big crystal in there how pretty is that the third row down we have pear-shaped so the pear-shaped actually has three sizes we have a 14 by 10 which is a small one we have a medium which is the 18 by 13 and then the large one which is just that gorgeous one right here which is a 20 by 30 so it's really a big statement piece of jewelry you can very easily create and then finally we have the cushion setting and this is for 12 millimeter cushion stone I pulled a couple different ones but they're just they sit in there just perfectly so really really fun very useful finding like I said something we really hoped for for a very long time or so excited to have them here so I do want to show you a very quick and easy application and how you would secure a stone into the setting so here I made a very classic pair of earrings so this is a sterling silver hook nice and long and then we just have that beautiful crystal pair this is the 14 by 10 millimeter size and so if you wanted to make this all you would have to do is you would grab a setting a stone and an earring hook in this case we're not going to even need a jump ring and then you're going to use some e6000 glue a little piece of paper and a toothpick and just for the purposes of this video I'm going to go ahead and put my setting on my earring hook first and then place my stone into the setting because I don't have to wait for it to dry you could of course set it first wait for it to dry I'd say about an hour before working with it and 24 hours before wearing it but for time constraints I'm going to go ahead and put my setting first now I did test this ahead of time this would not go over the little ball but what it will do is easily slip on to the hook from this side slip that guy down oops he's on backwards so good thing to keep in mind but very easy to correct okay there he is facing forward close up that loop and now to set the stone just take your glue put a little bit on your piece of paper and it's not gonna take a lot I would not flood this with glue because you don't want it to spill out the edges so you're just gonna take some glue and you're gonna put it I like to put it mainly in the base I don't like to go up near the edges because I don't want to see any glue coming out you're gonna put enough in there smear it around a little bit and pop your stone in press it into place and then let it dry and I'm gonna just pop it up like that against these other crystals so that it stays somewhat upright since I do have the hook on it already and that is how you set a stone a fancy stone into one of these Swarovski crystal fancy stone pendant settings so super useful these three projects are on the beadaholique website you can see how to do that and we'll be coming out with many more projects showing you how to want use these wonderful findings

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