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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com old copper jump rings and these are to be used for chain mail of course ik use them for other projects as well but they look beautiful done up into chain mail projects have a couple examples here done by our designer kat you can see how pretty it is to combine several different colors of these jump rings but right now I want to show you the jump rings themselves and I have their red laid out here in all the different sizes now these are all 18 gauge and they have a really nice enameled color coating and then they are that copper core so right here we have a three millimeter inner diameter so we're not measuring it from the outside edge to the outside edge is that inside a space and that's three millimeters and we have a 3.5 before 4.5 five point five and six and then here I have them laid out just side-by-side so you get a good idea of how they look now if you're not familiar with how to open a jump ring let me show you what's great about these is they're very precisely made so they're gonna be really uniform for chain now which is what you want so to open a jump ring you want the slit at the top and these are open jump rings gonna grab it on either side with your chain nose pliers and twist and I want to see if we can see that copper core on the inside can be a little hard to see but it is there is really nice these are very sturdy and if you want to close and back up you just go ahead and twist them back into shape so this is the red and I want to go through the other colors with you there's hot pink amethyst a beautiful jewel tone lavender purple nose is a really nice dark rich purple flag blue silver light gray and dark gray so you can see that comparison and dark grey would even work for a hematite gunmetal look black then up here we have gold vintage bronze and antique copper let me show you those guys side-by-side so you can get a good idea then for the greens we've got green seafoam and peridot and what's really fun about these is pairing them together so for instance we could do the red and the green and the gold if you want to do a Christmas project if you want to do perhaps a fourth of July you can use the silver as your white and pair it with the blue and the red so a lot of different combinations you can do of course you don't just have to do them holiday based a lot of different things you can do with them and you have to use some with your other jewelry projects you don't have to use them for chainmail although they really are excellent for chainmail again there by we've got mail and they're available at beadaholique.com you

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