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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com dan glass because whatever you put in them appears to float you'll notice that they come in around and heart-shaped and I'm going to open them up to show you how they actually work so you go ahead and put your fingernail right in this little indent on the side open them up what's really nice about them is they've got magnets all around the outer rim so when you close it it's a really nice tight closure you're not going to need to add glue or anything to it I'm going to go ahead and fill this one with some czech glass seed beads these are size 11 oh now there's a little well on either side but the one on the front is a little bit deeper so I like to fill these from the front I'm just going to sprinkle my seed beads and you want to make sure that they're all actually inside there you go close it and there you are and they can float and jump around they're really fun so that's what seed beads and then over here I did this one with some vintage glass glitter and this is the rich gold color so I thought that looked quite nice too of course you could also fill these with little pieces of paper or whatever else you might want to the kind of several different plated finishes we've got silver rose gold and gold and you'll notice all of them have a really nice large loop at the top and then a couple have crystals as well and then there's a heart shape so the heart shape measures 29 millimeters and the rounds are 30 millimeters so they're about the same size let me open up a heart for you so you can see that as well all of these lockets as well as a whole host of fun things to fill them with are available at beadaholique.com you

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