Show & Tell: Tropical Punch Chain, Cord, and Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see all the vibrant and bright pieces that are part of the Tropical Punch line, available at Included in this collection are lucite chains, polyester cord, findings, beads, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with punch line this is a really vibrant bright collection that includes lucite chain finding sliders polyester cord and these great bright acrylic beads I'm going to start with the lucite change I think this is really fun so let me first show you what you might be able to do with it or actually what you will be able to do with it this is a project by our designer cat and you can find the instructions on our website and you can see that she just went ahead she cut the chain and she added a clasp very easy to do there's a really nice modern design and actually I'm going to show you how to do this bracelet from start to finish in a separate video so you're going to be able to see how to do it there are two sizes of this chain and each size you'll get 15 inches in length so you can see this is all connected and this is here is what these links look like they're a nice oval link so here we have the smallest chain which measures 16 millimeters across by 30 millimeters long and then we've got the larger chain which has a larger link of course and this one is going to measure 40 millimeters by 22 so I want to do a side-by-side comparison for you so here we have the small one and here we have the large ones you can really see the difference now these are very smooth and there was a very lightweight so if you want to add a lot to a necklace design you can because you're not going to have to worry about them being too heavy which is something you have to usually take into consideration with metal chain over here we have lucite sliders and we have two different shapes there's an oval and there's more of an hourglass shape each of them have two holes and I've gone ahead and I've stuck head pins through the holes so you can see the whole orientation on both of them pretty similar in terms of their height the ovals are 41 millimeters tall x 30 millimeters across and the our glasses are just ever so slightly taller at 42 millimeters by 16 at their point I do want to show you how nice and thick these are they're also really lightweight to which is very nice so I would definitely consider using these with a stretch cord I think they'd make a really nice stretch cord bracelet whether you're using one as your focal and surrounding it with accent beads or if you're going to use multiples you can definitely do a great design using many of these you get four in a pack which is really nice then up here we have some polyester cord so this is a nice woven cord is very soft and flexible you get 5 feet in a package and what I like about it is it is hollow so over here you can see that there is a hollow interior to it so you can run some wire through that maybe even memory wire if you want to have a bracelet that keeps its shape that'd be something to consider but that doesn't really add to the design possibilities by having that hollow core and as you can see there's a lot of different colors we've got nice classic the white vibrant pink there's even a Christmas one with that nice red and green and then blue so a lot of different ones to choose from and to help you finish it if you want to go ahead and use something that is really easy to do there are these great little finding packs are also part of the tropical punch line you can see we've got the cord ends and we've got a class in there as well so a lot of different things you can do with them and on these you're going to be doing multiple strands so you see here you would feed two strands to have what would appear to be a multi strand bracelet and then this one you would actually do even more than that you would go ahead and use three strands for this one and then there's even little slider bales that will just perfectly fit on this and these do you measure 5 millimeters across and all the way over here this is quite an extensive line so it's really fun to actually just pan and see it we have some acrylic beads again in these really vibrant colors so there are drops and there's rounded drops which are going to go ahead and measure 17 millimeters long by 13 millimeters across at the widest point and you can see here a couple different colors and then there's more of these tapered drops and they are going to be a bit longer measuring 31 millimeters long by eight millimeters across and finally some great accent beads that would be wonderful to just incorporate in with these other ones or go ahead and use many of them because they're super lightweight and design and they are 10 millimeters across and there's just a really nice accent bead all of these products are very lightweight which is perfect if you're doing some layering designs or if you really want to just have a ton of beads in your design this really gives you that ability because they're not very heavy and they do all look very nice together because all of the colors are complementary to one another you can find the tropical punch line as well as design ideas using these different pieces at you

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