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Hi, this is Julie with suggest they really have a ripple to their design so they have a lot of flow and movement to any of your creations and what's nice about these is they're really got some intriguing colors I'm going to show you the colors in a moment but let me hold these in my hand so you can really see they're very unique shape so here's a side view and they really do have a ripple to them they are a single hole czech glass bead and they measure 12 millimeters across so these would be great for stringing projects embroidery embellishments and so forth and we actually have an earring that one of our designers rachel worked up so you see that she did some bead weaving and then she just added a little embellishment of to ripple beads on top of the bead weaving and then played off their color palette here with her choice of beads so very pretty and a nice different look to your designs so now I want to go over the colors and I'm going to start over here with the Opaques so there's opaque red you'll notice with these that they are the same nice solid uniform color on either side then we have turquoise alabaster opaque again nice uniform color blue alabaster opaque and then black opaque a really nice standard color that can be used for a lot of different projects so that's a really good staple now I want to show you some of the mattes I really want to hold these up so you can see each one because each side is a little different which is really intriguing and you can imagine how they look in your designs so this one here is California green matte he's got a lot of green coming on this side but when we turn it around you see a lot of purple coming through almost like an iris look to it so that is California green matte this is California Meadows matte again that nice green on that side and then on this side we've got that wonderful metallic sheen not quite as much purple happening on this one California Nights matte so some nice gold tone here and a little darker on the other side so like the name suggests a little bit darker this one's really fun you know if you look at that blue tone this is California blue matte so kind of gold on one side and then blue on the other side then we have California graphite matte so a nice gray graphite tone and then that gold bronze greeny look on the other side this one here is silver metallic now I put it in with the mattes because it's not a shiny metallic it does have some shine to it but it's not like bright and glossy so it could really work for either a matte or if you don't want a matte and you want something that has a little Sheen it would work for that as well and this has a uniform color on both sides then we have gold metallic again I put this in the math category because it is not a bright shiny gold and then California pink matte again that nice pink Sheen happening on one side and then that nice green gold on the other side California Gold Rush matte see it's almost got a copper look on one side and then gold green on the other and then we have compromise all ik and that's a uniform color on both sides and then we get into the really the bright shiny ripple beads we're gonna start with this one which is California graphite and on this one you can see that now instead of that matte graphite you've got more of a shine to it followed by California Nights again that dark color coming through on one side and the really bright shiny gold on the other side California Meadows really interesting look to this bead followed by California silver and you're thinking this is not silver but when you turn it around there is that silver followed by California metallic full coat so this would be your bright shiny gold if you want something that is uniform gold on either side this is what you're going to want and it is called gold metallic full coat so that full coat representing that it's even on both sides California Gold Rush here we've got that more of that copper rosy pinky purple look on one side and gold on the other side then California green and this is says green but it's really got a lot of colors coming into play really more like an iris then California sunshine and this one here is gold metallic half coat so if you remember the full coat one had that nice gold uniform coloring on both sides well this one has gold on one side and then it's got black on the other which is really interesting so that's what half coat means the next one is going to be California violet so a lot of really nice purple tones coming through on the one side and gold on the other side this one here is interesting when it's black bronze opaque luster so it's again gonna be a uniform coating on this guy that's just a really nice bronzy purple look to it and then finally we have four travertine ones which really have a nice modeled almost like a Picasso finish to them if you've seen other beads art Picasso finished this is blue opaque travertine so it's got a lot of blue and green coming into play if you look at this end bead you can really see the mottled look on it the next one is light brown alabaster opaque travertine very long name for a very pretty bead so it almost looks like it's a white base with some Brown overlay and this nice mottled look to it so a really interesting look there this one here is black opaque travertine again let me show you this n bead that might be a better way to see that different look in there so really pretty and then the last one here is red opaque travertine so you see it's got that nice red almost looks like a red base with an overlay of some green happening so a very interesting look and then I can't remember if I told you the name of the first color I started with these pretty ones laid out here these are California pink and he's got that really pretty light pink look on one side and then gold on the other and then I know went through a lot of different colors but again the name of these beads are Czech glass ripple beads and you can find them at you

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