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Hi, this is Julie with of these gorgeous new pieces by vintage you have this quite large pendant which actually i think would also be quite beautiful set down into crystal clay if you are making a compact or some other type of accessory got these bead caps both small and large some great large-scale twisted jump rings a pretty butterfly these puzzle pieces with a top drilled hold hang them by some really lovely connectors these leaves i'll show you what their back looks like and what their front looks like nice scale to them nice large earring hooks hoops some more drops and then this really cool fox which would look great just hung from a chain like i said i do want to take a couple of these pieces and turn them into an earring so you can see how they all do coordinate so nicely together so i'm going to take these guys here along with these guys the earring hooks and then all i'm going to add are a couple i pins and a couple of these pretty chinese glass red beads so first off we're going to take the bead and just put the eye pin through it and make a simple wire loop at the top these are wire looping pliers that i'm using and where the wire is crisscross we're just going to take some flush cutters and snip off the excess wire and we're going to do the same for the other bead one of the really nice things about the vintage line is all the pieces look great together so it really takes the guesswork out of designing there's so many different things you can do with them that the possibilities really are endless but you know you're always going to end up with a really nice looking piece so now these are this wonderful dark natural brass color and I want to pull out some of the details and I'm going to do that by using the vintaj relief block and all you need to do is really rub it over the top of your piece and you can see that we're pulling out the details by exposing some of that brass below it so it really changes the look quite dramatically you can see I'm not being too careful I'm really going quite quickly we're going to do that with the little connector piece as well I will show you the before and after on this piece as well both our lovely looks just different and now time to connect our earring so I'm going to take a pair of chain nose pliers going to open that loop that I just made I'm going to open it like a jump ring I'm going to connect it to my little connector piece and then I'm going to close that loop back up and then I'm going to open the loop on the other side and because i used an eye pin and made a simple loop I don't need to use any jump rings for this project close it back up i'm going to go ahead and do the other piece the same way alright so what you do want to note and I don't think I did it on this one let's see want to make sure this hangs the right way I'm going to show you how to do that in just a minute so here we go we've got the little pretty pendant hanging there and now what we want to do is we want to make sure our loops are facing the same direction you can do that just by holding one loop and twisting the other I forgot to do that in the first step okay now we want to make sure that our connector piece is facing forward so that when this earring hangs from your ear all the pieces that you want facing forward will face forward and I don't think I did that on my first one so here we go and that looks correct let me look at this guy here nope my loops are off ok so again all you have to do is you hold one of the loops and I want it to be facing this way here we go and then you're just going to take your pliers and twist so the loops are facing the same direction so we're both facing forward and now my earring will hang correctly now I'm going to connect on one of these earring loops and close it I'm going to go ahead and do the same to the other side now one thing to note about these larger earring findings is that your ear is going to be right up here so this is going to cause the earring to hang lower which I think works really well with this particular design but just keep that in mind when you're looking at a earring finding those of this scale think about where your ear is going to hang and then think about where your focus and your focal piece will hang so just like that we created a really pretty pair of earrings using a couple of the new components from vintages Fall collection and just one really striking colorful bead you can find all of these pieces as well as the instructions for this project at you

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