Show & Tell: Beadelle Crystal Charms Fall Collection

SKU VID-0969
Designer: Julie Bean
Beadelle charms come in a variety of alluring shapes from spikes to horseshoes and all feature sparkling pave set crystals. Perfect for hanging on a simple chain or adding to charm or bangle bracelet.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with these wonderful sparkly charms by Bedell so they are pavé said crystal i'm going to show you the different styles here in just a moment i first want to show you the different finishes so we've got gold plate with crystal silver plate which is wonderful and shiny with crystal and then gunmetal with hematite crystals and then in terms of the styles some really great fun ones to choose from in quite a variety of sizes actually so i'm going to pull the gold version of each of these over here so we have this long tapered spike we have this triangle spike a nice long narrow column a lightning bolt and we've got a little mini star a petite little horseshoe a little heart and then a couple different starbursts which are really pretty you'll note on this one here how the orientation of the bail is different from all these other ones so that's something to keep in mind when you're doing your designs but all of these in all the finishes are really very very pretty and they're great if you want to make focal piece jewelry something simple they maybe just hang one of these on a necklace which is what I'm going to do right here to show you how easy it is to incorporate these into your designs so I have this necklace i actually created in another video which showed you how to use these chain tags which will show you right here if you're not familiar with them so i just took a couple feet of Rolo chain which is what this is and then added a clasp and the chain tag to make a necklace and then to attach one of these beautiful bedell pieces i'm just going to use a jump ring i have a four millimeter open jump ring i'm just going to open it link it to this be dealt tapered spike and then also link it to the chain and then just close it up now four millimeters is a little bit of a tight fit but i didn't want the jump ring to be too noticeable so there we go and just like that we have a really really accessory that would be something you could keep for yourself or very easily give as a gift item as well you can find these beadle crystal pave set charms the chain and a whole host of other jewelry supplies at you

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