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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com earring kit you see a picture right here now with all of these kids they are geared towards all skill levels so beginner to advanced there all by nunn design and they're all made in the USA so those are three important things to keep in mind so we've got the lucky charm earring kit we have the crystal wrapped earrings kit which is really fun as well saying if you turn it over you're going to see all the supplies that you get i'll also tell you the additional tools that you need or additional supplies for this kit for instance you're gonna be able to make three pairs of earrings so you're going to get all the earring hooks you're going to get that beautiful cup chain and you're going to get the wire and then you're going to need a pair of flush cutters and a pair of chain nose pliers and then here's another one this is a lucky charm necklace kit and the lucky charm bracelet kit now i want to open this one up so you can see the quality of the ingredients it's also just really fun to see what's inside a kit especially in an online environment so if you're ordering these as a christmas gift the stocking stuff or a birthday gift it's kind of nice to know what's inside so here we've got the back and shows all the different ingredients it's also showing you what additional supplies or tools are going to be needed pull this guy out open it up so we got our picture here that we're going to be able to follow you're going to get detailed instructions with pictures which is really nice and then the fun part please for a jewelry maker you can see all the pretty supplies that you get now if you're not familiar with nunn design they are a wonderful company that makes really high-quality jewelry supplies everything has been really nice feel to it it's very sturdy just really quite pretty we're big fans of them over here at Buena halik so you get all these cut chains which are really nice you get the end caps you get the jump rings and then you get these really pretty charms as well as the clasp so each kit of course is going to vary based upon which kit you order so of course if you order the lucky charm bracelet kit you're going to get all this if you order the lucky charm necklace kit you're going to get all the supplies for the necklace and so forth now you see all these different pretty charms so you can find these kits and more at beadaholique.com you

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