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Hi, this is Julie with on them so three separate cuts which really create an interesting sparkle to these beads and just an added element of interest now i'm showing you right here this is opaque coral red picasso so you see it's got some really fun colors coming into play there 4.1 millimeters in diameter so they're about the size of a four millimeter bead if you're used to working with perhaps a czech glass 4 millimeter bead or a swarovski 4 millimeter bead you can relate to that to understand their scale and another thing i really like about my two bows is they have that nice large hole which makes them ideal for using in projects that require multiple thread passes such as embroidery and bead with an example here of a project in progress using the Matoo bows and you can see that that tri cut is really perfect for this because it does just add a little sparkle and this project is a kumihimo braid and I've created bead clusters and I'm going to tape a separate video showing you actually how to create this type of braid but I did want to show you how neat they do look used in this type of project now I want to show you the colors and I really did want to show these colors and these beads in a show-and-tell video because the color names don't always represent what I think the color looks like so I think it is important in this case to show you the actual beads paired with their color names so this first one is chalk red luster and it is a really pretty pink tone it's very nice you can see that chalk beneath it where the tri cuts are the next one is red luster this is more of a transparent bead followed by a Paik green Picasso lemon Picasso and I love these guys together I think that's so pretty opaque blue Picasso turquoise blue Picasso turquoise green Picasso so you can see the difference here this one is just a little bit more green and then aquamarine Picasso and this one too has a little bit of a trance pear element to it opaque violet picasa choc dark travertine and this one here I really do want to point out this is jet red lustre and I want to show it to you because it really does not to me at least come across as very red it almost has like a dark olivine tone to it so I think a green hue is definitely shining through on this one but the color name is jet red luster so that's an important I want to just kind of take note of and then all of these guys are somewhat similar of course with the exception of this guy so I did want to show you them side by side this next one over here is jet copper luster followed by jet bronze luster so this one has more Brown in it and then jet gold bronze so just a little bit of a lighter version almost of this one this guy here does stand out as being different is crystal gold bronze so again it has a little bit of a transparent element to it jet Platina so this would really work well if you're using them hematite findings or black findings that's very nice or silver as well and then finally jet Picasso and that's got a really interesting look to it I'm going to pull it in my hand so it's got a lot of blue actually happening with the Picasso part of it and then you see the cuts show the jet beneath so again these are try cut Matoo bow seed beads they measure about four millimeters actually 4.1 millimeters in diameter they have that nice large hole which makes them a very versatile bead and they are available at you

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