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Hi, this is Julie with out pieces that you can use to create really personalized jewelry things that represent you things that speak to you so it's a very fun collection so tierracast original you collection has all the alphabet charms so those are great for creating initial jewelry and things like that this one elaborates upon that so we've got the numbers we got birthstones we have symbolic charms as well as some findings and chain so I want to start with the numbers because they're my favorite they've got this great little bail loop so it's very easy to hang on ball chain if that's what you're going to do or another pre-made chain and I like them because I can use them to create special dates in my life so oh six would be my wedding anniversary you might want to do someone's birthday I have one kid but maybe if I had two or three you might want to use the three a lot of different things you could do with these and they just look really great then there's these charms up here you can see we've got an ampersand a nice little chubby bird a paw print if you're an animal lover and a great little heart and they've also come out with these pieces here that you can use to create your own personalized message jewelry so these are glue in charms so you see we've got that nice well a couple different styles here and in various finishes so we've got this little petite one with that nice beaded edge and more of a traditional loop that you would attach a jump ring to and we got this one with that bail loop and it's just a little bit larger and then we've got this one here actually let me pick one that's a little easier to see on camera which has a smooth more modern edge to it again with that bail loop so a lot of different things you can do with these guys a lot of flexibility and possibilities then down here is hard to miss all the sparkle we've got two different types of charms that have birthstone crystals in them so the two different styles are this guy here which is a little bit smaller compared to the larger one it has that bail loop or is this has more of a traditional loop you can see the crystal size varies as well and this one you're going to see more of the surround so both are beautiful just a different look for you to choose between so I have them arranged on my table according to the birth stone colors and the months of the year starting with January and I'm going to walk you through the different colors so that you can see them for January we have Siam februari we have amethyst aquamarine from March crystal for April emerald from a light amethyst for June light Siam for july peridot for august sapphire for September rose for October topaz for November and tanzanite for December and then tear our Casa so sorry just a couple other fun colors to throw in the mix we have crystal a be jet hematite very rock and roll looking and like Colorado topaz and then to help you create jewelry designs with these pieces there are a few new findings chain so we have this great earring hook and a couple different finishes very classic and simple i really like that and then we also have nice ball chain as well these are pretty long and they're very easy to use this guy here is tangled but the beauty of bolting is easy to untangle you can see nice length and all of the tierracast pieces are beautifully finished and then up here we've got a couple new kids got the Golden Lotus earrings as well as a bird in a tree bangle with full instructions and all the ingredients for you within the kit an important thing to note about tierracast is all other pieces are lead-free pewter so it's a silver-plated lead-free pewter or gold plated whatever the plating might be but it is nice to know that it is the lead free pewter and all of these are made by tierracast and they work in beautifully with not only the original tierracast you collection but all the other tierracast pieces you might have you can find all of these pieces at you

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