Show & Tell: Lillypilly Designs Patterned Ultrasuede

SKU VID-0894
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video learn about the lovely selection of Lillypilly Designs patterned ultrasuede available at Beadaholique. You can easily cut these swatches of ultrasuede to cover cuff bracelets, back bead embroidery or loom work, or even set down into bezels.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with aight use them so this here is a piece of bead embroidery done by one of our designers rachel and when we flip it over you'll see that she used the pattern print which is a zebra pattern and here is what she cut it out of so she actually did something which was really fun she took the colors of the backing which is the zebra print incorporated them into her design so it's really very pretty and as a cohesive look it just adds that extra punched that extra added design element so this is what the ultra suede looks like and she very easily cut out a piece of it I'm going to show you how easy it is to actually cut so very easy to cut and it does not fray it's also something that you can easily wash if it gets dirty so that's another benefit if you are doing a piece of jewelry that you're going to wear a lot so now I want to show you the actual patterns and they come in a wide array of colors so this here is this abstract swirl pattern I'm just going to flip up the different colors you can see how pretty it looks and it actually does look quite different in each color and these measure 4 inches across by eight and a half inches long so you get quite a lot to work with the next pattern i want to show you this here is the paisley pattern I love this color right here I used to do dollhouse miniatures and I would have loved these for miniature carpets so sometimes it's fun to think of ways you might use this besides jewelry making because these are really really pretty up here we have the abstract floral pattern I love this dark color it's almost a wine very pretty in the green too of course okay moving over here we have the floral motif see the different sizes of flowers with the leaves and the little vines here is the Daisy floral pattern and last but definitely not least we have the zebra print which here's this first one which rachel used with her project and then we've got a whole bunch of different colors in it as well and you'll note that they are solid on the back which is nice as well all of these patterned ultrasuede pieces along with the beads cabochon and whatever else you might want to use with them are available at you

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