Show & Tell: Swarovski Crystal Innovations Fall/Winter 2016-17 Collection

SKU VID-0924
Designer: Julie Bean
This collection includes 2 beautiful new effects, a gorgeous new pearl color, the edgy Kaputt Collection, new bead shapes and more. For Fall/Winter 2016-17, Austrian crystal has paired up with Jean-Paul Gautier to create the bold Kaputt Collection as well as the mesmerizing new pearl color and crystal effect Crystal Scarabaeus Green. Also included in the launch is the expansion of the effect Crystal Light Chrome to include beads, pendants, chatons, and more. Two new bead shapes, a sew-on triangle stone, and new BeCharmed hanging charm beads are also featured in this overview video.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and this collection is brought to you by Sourav ski who is paired up with Sean Paul Gautier to come up with a wonderful new color in effect as well as this fantastic caput collection up here I'm gonna get back to that collection in just a moment but I do want to start with the new color of pearl and is right here and you can see this wonderful purple green shimmer here so this is called crystal scarab a is green and was really inspired by the color of a scarab and that green that arises when copper tarnishes like when you see a tarnished copper roof so a couple different colors at play here but really beautiful so this is the third color in the iridescent pearl collection so there's iridescent purple iridescent green and now this iridescent scarab a is green I'm going to show you the different sizes here so we have everything from a little petit three millimeter pearl all the way up to a twelve millimeter round so this of course would be great to do a graduated pearl necklace or some type of design where you're incorporating different sizes of pearls there's also the coin pearl shape available in this new color as well as the be charmed bead you see that nice large hole for your large hole bracelets or if you just want to put this on a necklace and just a premade chain would be really pretty I'd be a great simple piece of jewelry but very elegant so in addition to the Crystal scarab a is green pearl there's the new effect which is crystal scarab a is green you see it right here and you can see is a really a combination of a bunch of different metallic colors so we've got metallic blue metallic purple metallic green so I want to pick these guys up here we have a nice large pear-shaped fancy stone Asheton here I've got a few different bicones rounds we've got some flatbacks some rondelle's so you see there's a good variety of different styles available in this and there's many more than what are just represented here I just want to pull a small collection just so you can see how that effect plays on different shaped stones and beads of course I'm going to put these guys back and this is really a fantastic pop of color it's very dramatic it's very distinctive it really is something that is unique now in contrast to the bright bold pop of color that we see in the crystal Scarabus green effect is crystal light chrome which is this wonderful silver you might be remembering crystal light chrome from a previous release in spring summer and that was a very limited release we're only flatbacks were available in this effect and I think we all bemoaned that we were like well where are stones we want the actual beads we want the shut-ins we want the pendants and Swarovski now has offered those for us and it's really quite pretty I'm going to show you the front and back you can go ahead and bead this either way so the back is beautiful you see that crystal and show you the underside here of these rondelle's or you could use the topside I guess I'm calling the topside but either side could be where you have that metallic finish I think these would be wonderful paired with jet even paired with white or gold it could be really fresh and of course you could pair them with colors they act much like a neutral because they are so versatile this color really is a wonderful staple I'm just going to walk up here show you a couple of the different shapes so we have that wonderful heart you see the backside of it and there's the front some cube beads and more than these are available as well I just again pulled a sampling and then up here I want to show you the skulls because of course this is a perfect application for this effect and I'm going to turn these guys over so this one right here is Crystal Light chrome and you can see the crystal on the underside here and a little bit on the back too and this is Crystal Light chrome 2x which means it is fully coated so when you look on the website and you see the 2x note that it's fully coated and then when you see Crystal Light chrome you'll note that there's still some of the crystals showing through now I want to walk you through the kaput collection now this is a fantastic collection of some stuff that's really different it consists of two different pendant styles so we've got the one here that is oval and it comes in several different sizes so we have a 36 millimeter and a 26 millimeter and then we have the caput pendant which is wonderful almost mimics a Crystal point and it too is available in two sizes we've got the large one which is 40 millimeters and the small one which is 28 millimeters and I've actually worked this one into an earring design which was really fun so what you're going to note about this collection is well first off the name kaput means broken in German of course these are not broken but they do remind you that something is a little bit off they've got asymmetrical facets and cut you can see the contrast of the matte finish on the interior here of this cut with the shiny metallic outside it's got jagged edges it's sharp it's really bold and I think it's very reminiscent of Jean Paul Gautier signature style and speaking of signature you'll notice that some of these actually do have his signature on there so that is something to note that you can buy some of these with this signature and then of course without as well just depends what you want to do for your jewelry design so here's where that signature lies on the caput pendant and here's where it lies on the oval caput pendant and I just want to show you some of the different colors here because they're really quite striking I also like the large hole that makes it very easy to incorporate into jewelry designs so here we have the crystal you see that matte almost frosted look on the inside here's the crystal scarab a is green so will look like on the backside crystal a B I'm just going to hold some of these up so you can see them see how they catch the light different sizes so very edgy very modern really something unique and different so speaking of different we also have a new rondell shape and I want to compare the new rondell shape to the old one to really show you how different it is so this one is still available this is what you probably are most familiar with when you think of a rondell it's kind of rounded so almost like a slightly squished round bead whereas this one here is really different got nice bold cuts almost boxy in nature it looks quite different and I really like it this is one of those beads that when I read about it before I saw it I was like hmm I wonder what that's going to look like and then once I saw it I really fell in love with it I almost has a deco feel to me I'd like to work it into some early elegant vintage designs just because it has a really unique shape to it I want to show you the different sizes you can see how those cuts look in different sizes so we have three sizes of this new rondell bead we've got a four millimeter a six millimeter and an 8 millimeter and it too comes in a variety of colors again I haven't pulled every single size but I do want to pull a sampling so you see it just so pretty so different and unique yet very actually simple it's one of those things like why don't we have this before so I think it's going to be a great addition to our jewelry making offerings and then another new style is this guy right here and this is the pendulum bead and I wanted to pull out a head pin so you can see the whole orientation so it looks much like the Emerald bead except for it's got a top drilled hole which makes it ideal for hanging on some beading chain or some type of string project where you want these two dangles you can see they really have a nice little bit of movement to them I'm going to put the two sides so that these are available in on a head pin so you can see a comparison so the large one is going to measure 10 millimeters long by 7 millimeters wide and the small one is going to measure 8 millimeters by 5.5 again available in different colors as well so is a really pretty very elegant shape then over here we have an entirely new collection by Swarovski these are be charmed crystal charms so you'll see that has this great charm ring and actually all of these will come with that charm ring already attached it has a nice large hole to make it easy to slide on to your project and it's actually marked Swarovski so you really know it is a quality piece especially if you are making your jewelry for gifts or perhaps selling them it's nice to have that strops key mark on there so we have a couple different styles available the first one are these eight millimeter pearls so it does come just like this is already with that pearl attached to the charm ring and they're ready to go so this is eight millimeters there's light gray and there's white and then we have a pave-set bead and again these are eight millimeters we have jet hematite and crystal really beautiful and sparkly I think this one would be perfect to just hang on a premade chain there's also ones with skull beads now this is jet is also available in other colors as well and then there's ones with spiked beads for a really edgy design and then lastly I want to show you the Sourav ski triangle snow on stones they come in two different sizes so the large one is going to be 22 millimeters and the small one is going to be 16 millimeters and what I love about these besides of course they're really bold modern triangle shape is the whole orientation because this would be really easy to incorporate into a jewelry design where you just attach jump rings to the holes so perhaps you want some chain hanging off here and then a little bead hanging off here or maybe you want to connect these together line up the holes so a lot you can do with these are very versatile and they just have a really great modern edgy look to them I hope this overview video has given you a better understanding of Swarovski innovations fall winter 2016 2017 release all of these products you see here are available right now at and we also have some projects to showing you how to incorporate these into your designs you

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