Show & Tell: Wood Oval and Round Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see recent additions to the Beadaholique wood bead collection. These beads include rounds (both large hole and regular hole), ovals, round pendants, twists, and more. All of the beads are light weight and beautifully finished.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with for i start going through each one i want to show you this necklace our designer Karlin made and this is a really good example of how you compare different shapes and different finishes along with some gemstone beads to create a boho chic look and she actually strung this on stretch cord which is really fun and really easy to do she also took these wood discs and she painted them and then added a brass embellishment and then just added a couple jump rings and an earring hook for a really unique look but very easy to do so now I want to show you the different shapes you can see they come in different finishes this first one here is a tapered oval you see it goes to a nice tapered point at either end and it measures 20 millimeters across by nine millimeters wide now these are not characterized as having a large hole per se but their hole is actually quite good size you might be able to see it a little bit better here and if you check the individual listing for these you'll see the actual hole diameter all these beads would be great to use with leather hemp cotton cord anything like that they're a really nice design element to incorporate into your fiber and textile arts over here we have a nice oval twist so it's a very subtle twist and again you can see how smooth and finish these are there's no rough edges which is really nice these guys measure 30 millimeters long by 11 wide here are some round ribbed textured beads they're 13 millimeters what I really like about these is the finish on them is darker at the ends and a little lighter in the middle which that rib design really picks up here are oval slices you can see that they're of course wider here in the front view and then they have a narrower profile these guys measure 45 millimeters by 12 millimeters here are these discs you see in the earring example these are about the size of a quarter they're 25 millimeters across they have that top hole so that could be used as a pendant if you want and they're super lightweight all of these beads are very lightweight so you can use quite a few of them in a design and not worry about your piece becoming too heavy then over here we have a bunch of rounds the top two here have a more standard sized hole again it's not a tiny hole but it's not considered a large hole we have an 8 millimeter and a 10 millimeter you can see the different colors quite like the black it's a really nice element then we also have with that more standard hole even though it is quite large it's a 20 millimeter smooth round a couple different colors then all of these here have was considered a large hole and this is going to be really good if you're wanting to perhaps string these onto a braid or some type of heavier cord and you can see that the hole size is going to vary based upon the size of the bead itself and we will list for you what that hole is but in terms of the actual size of the round we have a 12 millimeter we have a 15 millimeter an 18 millimeter and a 20 millimeter and let me put these side-by-side for you so you can really see them up close so again 12 15 18 and 20 you can find all of these wood beads as well as projects using them and many more wood beads gemstone beads whatever you might want to incorporate into your projects at you

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