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Hi, this is Julie with and bracelet that has worked these Dragonscale beads into the actual weave and you can see they add wonderful texture and dimension they look like little spikes or like the name suggests little dragon scales now the bead itself is a tiny little diamond shape you can see that it's got a hole in one end and it measures about five millimeters long so it's actually a really nice petite little bead to work into your embroidery or bead weaving whatever you might choose to do with it and it comes in quite a variety of colors to start with we have crystal a really nice classic clear color followed by crystal a bee which has a little bit of a rainbow effect but it's very subtle so that's a nice one if you don't want it to be too bold but you do want to add that extra dimension to it then this top row I have some of the darker colors first off there's full chrome followed by jet hematite you can see jet hematite is just a little bit darker than the full chrome jet Picasso so this has a wonderful modeled look to it a lot happening on those little petite beads jet nice classic solid shiny black followed by jet vitriol so it's black on one side and then it's got this coating on the other that shimmers a green yellow look to it the next one we have is Crystal Azure oh I hope I'm saying that right it's a really interesting name but the bead itself is quite pretty it's a crystal bead with a blue coating on it but I put it up with the darks because it definitely comes across as a darker beam versus a light crystal bead then finally over here we have jet a B so it's jet on one side and an a/b coating on the other one then down here we have some more silvers as well as some nice rainbow type effects this first one in the line is crystal full Labrador it's a really nice classic solid silver followed by aluminum silver which is a bit more matte than the full Labrador I would not call this a matte bead per se but it definitely is coming it's more math than some of these other ones which are quite shiny this one here I really like it's silver rainbow is a very soft bead in terms of the colors that are shimmering off of it you'll see some pinks and purples and we don't see a lot of pinks and purples in this collection so it's nice that there is this one that'd be really great for it maybe a spring palette the next one in line is going to be vitriol followed by crystal volcano which has more of a orange blue coating on one side then we have crystal Maria followed by crystal graphite rainbow and crystal golden rainbow the sea these are quite different the graphite rainbow again is shimmering some pinks and purples which is really nice and the crystal golden rainbow is definitely more in the golden line like the name suggests then down in this bottom row we have some more coppers and bronzes you'll see that the one that was incorporated into our bracelet project here is actually crystal slipper it so on one side show you it's got more of a copper rose gold look and the other side is more of a blue purple red the next one in line is crystal orange rainbow this one is nice because it's a bit transparent followed by California Gold Rush crystal sunset crystal copper rainbow now this one too is shimmering some pinks and purples we've got jet bronze and then we have a metallic mix which has several different metallics in it you can find all of these Dragonscale beads as well as projects using them at you

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