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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and there just in time for the holidays they're really great quick kits meaning they don't require a lot of tools and they come together really fast and they all are using wonderful tierracast components which are lead-free pewter which is great so here is a oh Christmas tree bracelet kit you'll see you get all the charms you get all the materials and the kits do tell you the required tools which are usually just really simple tools like a round nose plier chain nose plier cutters things like that so nothing too fancy needed here is a ribbons and wreaths earring kit a silver bells earring kit all those nice components and a candy cane earring kit so I do want to open up one of these so you can see what's inside just open it right here so I do love the packaging of tierracast kits I think they would make a great stocking stuffer or a gift because they are really nice and complete and well put together so here is the kit itself and you'll notice that it has step-by-step instructions it has all the tools that you're going to need listed over here all the supplies are included and he even has a little diagram which is very nice and then in terms of the supplies you get they're all nicely measured out and you can see you've got these pretty tear cos bows you've got the earring hook you've got the wire you've got the buy cones for this particular kit so everything is included except for the tools and like I mentioned before the tools are really simple tools these kits are by tierracast and they are available at beadaholique.com you

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