Show & Tell: Swarovski Crystal Innovations Pre Season Fall/Winter 2015-16

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Designer: Julie Bean
Austrian crystal latest launch combines old world glamour with edgy rock n' roll. Featuring dramatic spikes and fascinating patinas, this on-trend launch is sure to feed your creativity and spark new ideas. In the video see an overview of the patina effects, the spike pendants, double spike beads, pointed chatons, sun colored skull bead (perfect for Halloween) and more. Enjoy!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I wanna show you Swarovski preseason fall/winter 2015/2016 launch and you can get these now even though these are for the 2015/2016 season. They are available now I wanna take you through what's available and show them here on camera so you can see how gorgeous they are in person even though this is online. I'll start by showing you my favorite part of this new launch which has to be the new patina oh my gosh these are so beautiful. So there are five new patina effects and really the theme of this launch is old-world glamour meets rock and roll and I think that these encompass that perfectly because they have that mercury glass almost like an old mirror look to them but their edgy at the same time. I have these twenty eight millimeter pair pendants I've taken one of each in the new patinas. I'll walk you through them and show you what they are and this is the back side of the patina flip it over for you. So this here is the crystal white patina. It almost has a little bit of an AB happening see little of the color shimmering through there. So that's the back side and here's the front side. So although you have this modeled appearance you still get the brilliance and sparkle that SWAROVSKI is known for this is the crystal gold patina again the back side and here's the front side I wanna show you this on a white piece of paper so you can really see the true beauty of these. That's the gold one it's kinda reflecting some of that gold as it catches the light here's the crystal black. No two bead it's gonna be exactly alike. The patinas are gonna vary slightly which again adds to that really great old-world feel. Here is the Crystal Rose and I think if you're making jewelry you can just choose, do you want to show the front side or do you wanna show the backside and have a different look and here is the crystal silver and this is the one that really reminds me of old mercury glass which I'm a big fan of. Besides the patinas the other really exciting element to this launch are the spikes. Swarovski teamed up with Jean Paul Gaultier and came up with a collection that is very edgy and modern and you see that here in the spike pendants and the double spike beads. In the spike pendants you have three different sizes. You're gonna have the large one which is thirty nine millimeters It's got a really nice large hole which is actually 3.3 millimeters in size. You can actually get some cord or knotting material through that which could be really interesting and then the second size is gonna be the twenty eight-millimeter here and with that you're gonna get a 2.5 millimeter hole and then for perhaps earrings or if you want to use a lot of them, you have 18 millimeter spike with a two millimeter hole so those are your 3 different sizes. I think they're fabulous I pulled out some really striking colors in the spike beads for you to take a look at crystal AB is gorgeous just the way it's cut, it really reflects the light show you just how beautiful that is a jet black one as well which would be really versatile in a lot different projects so those are the spike pendants and you have the double spike beads which I cannot wait to hang from a chain and make into a pair earrings or do some type of bracelet where I'm bead weaving these and they're sticking out so you have a hole going through the midsection here and then you got the double spike and you have this really kind of cool cut in it as well which I think is just a fantastic extra element that they really didn't need to add but they did and it looks great that is the large size of the spike bead which is gonna be 16 millimetres long but 8 millimeters wide and then you've got the small one which is gonna be 12 by 6 and again it has a really nice cut as well one of our team members here at actually suggested taking some glue and running a little line of glue on that mid cut there and attaching some flatbacks to it which I think would really be amazing looking. We might be trying that here in the studio soon so continuing alone so these are amazing and fantastic. I can't wait to start playing with them also the patinas are going to be available in some of the older pendant styles. Here I have the Helios pendant The patina is on it. I've got the pears so just check out the website and see which styles you can get the patina in. So it is available not just in the new styles of beads but also in some of the old favorites as well also in this launch we've got pointed back chatons so here if you look at a side cut of it, It's got two points. It has the back side point and it's got the top point as well and that's in the patina effect. I would love to put this in crystal clay I think that would be a beautiful application for it. You can also do a bead woven beaded bezel around these which would be really interesting as well they come in several sizes. Something we haven't seen before but I'm super excited about are these pointed square Fancy Stones and its gonna have a point on both sides the backside is foiled on this one and then you have the front with the patina. Again a couple different sizes for this cut I would love to do an art deco ring in crystal clay with these. That's going to be my first project but a bunch of different things you can do with these as well so here are some more of the pointed chatons I pull a couple of different colors. You could see that they're not just available in the patinas, they're also available in some of our old favorite colors as well and I just pulled a very small selection compared to what is going to be available and then I have some regular chatons with their normal table cut but they're done in patinas you'll have fun working those into your projects and then last but not least I wanna show you some line extensions so these are some of beads that have already been in the collection and they are now available in metallic finishes so these are the dome beads. Here is the large dome which comes in two different sizes. I love how that just catches the light and so here's a large and here's a small and it comes in two sizes as well. You can use these as bead caps, you can use them as top of tassels a lot of different things you can do with this style of beading these are perfect for earrings as well or even putting a larger bead between the two. A lot of things you can do with this shape. We also have the Artemis bead which is now available in metallic finishes as well. I have a couple sizes in that and then you're probably looking at this very bright orange guy right here. This is the thirteen millimeter skull bead which is just in time for Halloween. It's available in a wonderful orange color. This is actually Swarovski's Sun color but it looks very orange and I think I'll be perfect for Halloween jewelry this season So I hope you enjoyed this overview. I think you're going to be able to create some wonderful jewelry that has old world elegance but is modern and edgy and really unique with these new Swarovski patinas and new stones and cuts Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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