Show & Tell: Novelty Glass Beads

SKU VID-0600
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video, see the fun new lampwork glass novelty beads available at These beads are three dimensional and have decorations on all sides. In the video you can see full turn arounds of the beads as well as see where the beads are drilled. Lots of these beads are holiday themed and would make quick and easy gifts for Halloween and Christmas.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a show and tell for you novelty glass beads and I thought I'd do a show and tell for these because they're so dimensional that it might be a little bit hard to capture in the photographs on the website I have a little panda here. You see his little tail on the other side and he is drilled down through the top to bottom another reason why I want to do an show and tell and I got an adorable little rubber ducky, again drilled top to bottom you can see what all sides of him looks like a couple different little holiday penguins just a little penguin of all occasions There's a slight variation in all of these because they are all handmade so they're going to vary ever so slightly that you'll see like this guy here you're just gonna put onto some beading wire or cord or something, he's gonna hang like this on a necklace and I want to basically turn these around on the camera for you to see. You can see all sides. You might get some creative ideas. I think these would be perfect for earrings for the holidays great quick and easy seasonal projects. Just put a head pin through these guys, make a wrapped wire loop and hang it from earring hook These are really adorable. It is a rose donut and there's a little teacup as well One my favorites the mushroom with rose accents and this carrot should be paired with a bunny of some sort perfect for Halloween we have a green witch with her witches hat from more Halloween themed little bats and a little pumpkin on both sides and then for all of the cat lovers out there we have some kitty cats and they are double-sided so you can feel confident putting them in like a a necklace or something and not get twisted around. The white one, black white. So these all can be found on the website and they're listed under novelty glass

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