Show & Tell: Czech Glass Flat Back Button Cabochons

SKU VID-0598
Designer: Julie Bean
This video show and tell focuses on the gorgeous Czech Glass flat back button cabochons that were just introduced at Beadaholique. These lovely focal pieces are flat on the back so they can easily be glued into a setting or flat tag or used in bead embroidery (just a few ideas). A wide variety of styles and designs are available and they are so pretty!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique I wanna show you one of our products we carry on our website and that is czech glass button top cabochons and they got a little hole in the back which is where a button shank would go if they had one but these are actually flat which are perfect for jewelry making. So we don't have to worry about removing that shank there's a wide variety available. I'll just kinda show off some of them. You can see how pretty they are in person. Sometimes a product like this just has not captured its true beauty, it's not captured in a flat photograph so it's easier to show it to you on camera here. I'm not gonna go through all of these. I just wanna show you the wide variety that is available my personal favorite is this wonderful one that looks like old milk glass. So if you're trying to think of how to work these into your jewelry projects I've actually pulled a couple samples of designs that we've done. One is this ring here. It's a glue on ring pad and then one of our designer has gone ahead and glued this onto a beading foundation and then done beading embroidery around the edge this is going to be a really common great application for these czech glass cabochons. Another application that's super easy if you don't want to take the time or you're not fond of bead embroidery, just glue it on. We have this bracelet blank. You see this is just a flat tag. I'm on it Karlin has gone ahead and glued this on the center using E6,000 glue and then she just gone ahead and put some cup chain along the outside you could take the same application to make a pair of earrings, make a pendant. So there's lots of different things you can do with these have fun. Let your imagination run wild. They really are focal pieces. You're not gonna need to do a lot of extra work to really make your jewelry designs stand out. These are gonna make it pop and they are available on our website at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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