Show & Tell: Czech Glass Mini Dagger Beads

SKU VID-0599
Designer: Julie Bean
Looking to add that extra special touch to your jewelry design? Try Czech Glass Mini Dagger Beads. These petite daggers can be used to add a fringe, incorporated into bead weaving, strung from beading wire, or used however else you like. They are incredibly versatile and come in a wide range of colors.
Audio Transcript
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Hey this is Julie with and today show and tell shows off czech glass mini dagger beads. I'll pull one out right here so you can see what it looks like by itself It's got a single hole drilled through the side and that hole is .7 millimeters in diameter so keep that in mind for your beading projects. The bead itself measures 2.5 millimeters across by 6 millimeters long. So they come in in a 10 gram tube that looks like this. I'll will show you how many you get because you get a lot of these to work into your projects. I'll spill out this tube and remember these too that I had elsewhere on the table. That's a lot of fun beads if you are going to make make a project you really do have quite a few to play with that's what you're gonna get in a lot size. I just wanna show you the color selection here you can go on our website and see all these colors but sometimes it's nice to see them on camera we've got some wonderful looks like galvanized matte right here, various Picaso. Just a whole bunch of different colors. Our videographer Alison will pan over these so that you can see the various colors that they come in really a lovely selection. A lot different things you can do with them and then I have a project that I'm gonna show you and that is this strung necklace. It uses these dagger beads in between some round beads. Just strung with beading wire and a magnetic clasp you could double loop it for a bracelet or you can just use it as a necklace. You can see how pretty they are and this was a bracelet designed by our designer Karlin. You can find her project and other projects using these mini dagger beads on the website. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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