Show & Tell: Vintage Buttons, Lucite, and Sea Glass Mixes

SKU VID-1497
Designer: Julie Bean
In this Show & Tell video learn all about some of the exclusive mixes available at There are two vintage button mixes, a vintage lucite pendant and link mix, and three different cultured sea glass mixes.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i actually wanted to do a video because I recently found these on our website I didn't know we had them and I want to show you what they look like in person so let's go ahead and start with this huge one in the middle so this is a vintage button mix and it is a sort of so your selection will vary but this is one pound and this is what one pound looks like I'm gonna spread it out and I love the sound so if we look at some of these and again that will vary and the size and the styles but they're all metal and they're from production during the 60s and 70s so they're a wonderful vintage collection and just so cool just a lot of different things you can do with all of these here's a project actually that one of our past designers Carlin made and she just actually helped just snipped off the back shank and she glued it onto these gluon pads so that's a really fun little project you can make I've also seen that people use these buttons to embellish pillows and napkin rings do all sorts of fun stuff with them handbags but just so many and you get a full power so if a pound is maybe too much you're thinking of using these but you're not quite sure you want to do a full pound there is actually a little smaller assortment and this is a quarter of a pound and again it's gonna be a mix of these different styles different colors again all metal from the 60s and 70s just so very fun I love these I am a lover of buttons I love going to antique fairs and finding them so this is a really fun and exciting another vintage item that we have a mix of are these lucite Rivoli's and pendants so your assortment again will mix this is two ounces so so this is what two ounces looks like now I do have a project that uses some of the vintage links and so this is a project fire designer Kat is actually a recent project on our website and so I don't see any of this red one in this mix but I do see some of the purple ones so really fun but gives you an idea of what you can do with this and I'm just gonna pull some of these out you see that there's little pendants that just have one loop up the top and then there's links which have two loops and you could connect all of these together you can make a really fun chain you can make a little earring just like that so again a lot of things you can do and a nice two ounce assortment and the other assortment is going to show your also two ounces we have cultured sea glass spikes now these measure 18 millimeters tall by 12 millimeters wide you see they're flat on the base and they have two holes which actually makes them ideal for bead weaving so you could be tweed with bead weave with these if you wanted to and you also get some of these little round beads in the mix as well and then over here on the other side of the table I have a little ocean theme to make see see we've got starfish's we have little fishies of different sizes different shells so this again is 2 ounces as well and then up here we have a leaf themed one so all these pretty leaves of different colors and different shapes and I just I love the sea glass it's so pretty it's great to make beachy jewelry a lot of fun even heirloom jewelry I know I know a lot of people personally who collect sea glass on the beach and so I've often used these to make them presents because I knew that they actually love sea glass it would be meaningful to them so again 2 ounces 2 ounces a quarter of a pound 2 ounces and 2 ounces and then just big huge one is 1 pound and these are all on the website so these are fun mixes you'll see so I hope you enjoyed this quick little show-and-tell video I really want to show you what these look like in person and be able to touch and feel them if you do like working with these type of speeds and supplies please do check out our website for lots of project inspiration you

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