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Hi, this is Kat with and styles that we have so let me start by first talking about a necklace that I created using gemstone chips now here I've used the lapis the aventurine and the carnelian and I just love the way they come together in a really organic feel and you can see that I have a lot of leftover chips here so these are the actual strands that I use to create this necklace and this is just a really beautiful style underneath each of these is a color of Griffin silk that matches the beads and then I use these aromatic wood beads up at the top now one thing I want to point out when working with gemstones is you don't always have to go gold or silver you can actually use a copper accent which is what I did here at the top I just used a really beautiful toggle clasp in a beautiful antique copper so just really kind of makes the whole design really nice and warm so just a couple of the things about the chips and this is actually a good thing for you to kind of zoom in and see them right up close is that you can see that there's a lot of different variations even among the beads themselves now these are chips but they're also beads because they are drilled so you're getting a lot of nice variety there that you're kind of seeing come through and those beautiful colors and I love that they're braided in this design so that they sort of kind of all get a chance to shine so speaking of gemstone chips I just kind of want to point out the variety of the sizes so I sort of broke apart my turquoise here and I also have my amethyst and my rose quartz so I'm just going to kind of break this apart so you can really see the different sizes and shapes and it truly is just a really great organic bead to use in your designs so again so we have the turquoise the amethyst and the rose quartz down here and over here we have the picture Jasper which is a really beautiful earthy color we have Garner a lovely dark red we have tiger's eye and you see a lot of that really nice flash and these ones are really beautiful we have gold stone and then we also have crystal quartz and labradorite so you're getting a lot of great variety again we have very earthy tones and then we have very colorful tones so I kind of separated them out on my table here to show you but I just love that you're getting a ton of gemstone so this is a strand that you're actually gonna get here so you can just see in my hands how much gemstone you're actually getting it's really wonderful and you can kind of break this apart and use certain parts of it or if you want to pick out some of the lighter beads and then some of the darker beads you can kind of create several different looking designs so just some really fun design opportunities with the gemstone chips so be sure to head over to to find all of our gemstone beads and hey if you liked this video be sure to hit that subscribe button below and go ahead and click that bell so you get all the information and the latest from beadaholique you

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