Show & Tell: Tiny Hematite Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see our variety of tiny hematite beads. These are great to add a flash of color or shine to your designs. Hematite tends to be one of the heavier gemstones and these tiny beads offer you a way to add gemstones without adding heavy weight.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and a little nice pop to your gemstone designs so we have a couple different shapes here so I'm gonna start actually up here by talking about our square cut now these are 6-inch strands and as you can see they're very tiny so we have six inch strands here and they're just so itty-bitty so I'm gonna pick them up and I've left them on the Strand so that you can really see how they kind of rotate and how they could work in a design now what's really nice is these have a beautiful square cut so these can be fun little jagged spacers for any design and you actually do get quite a few per strands so again this is a six inch strand and right here I'm holding that rainbow color but we do have some beautiful blue silver gold green and purple so that's the little square cut here and these are two millimeters so very very any bitty tiny beads all right and then over here I want to draw your attention to the tube beads now these kind of are a tube but they're almost a little bit more they have a nice little almost like a bolt shape to them so if you can kind of see I'll show you on the end piece here but they have those cool little cuts so it's almost like they're just a little faceted and as I rotate them in my hand you can really just see that sparkle so that's I mean about trying to add a little a little pop to the design so we have that gold that beautiful hematite color we have blue silver and then we have a couple mattes so this is that matte green and matte purple and then of course we have that rainbow which is I think always my favorite of the hematite beads alright so I created a little design here and I wanted to play off the delicate nature of these little itty-bitty beads so I created these components using the Chevron beads I'm gonna show those to you in just a moment and also just these little round beads so I wanted to stick with the silver but it just adds that little pop even just these little round beads so round beads very traditional these are just faceted again these are 2 millimeters so we have a silver variety and then we have some other rainbow I also have blue over here and then again we have those matte green and purple and then of course gold so the other interesting shape that we have here in this design is we have little Chevron pieces so I've broken out a couple down here just for you to really get a chance to see how they look on the side profile so these are 1.8 millimeters in depth and then they are three millimeters across so again it's still very very tiny to work with but really really fun I love this little shape and you know what's great is you know you kind of pick it up and you really see how they sort of play off of each other and you could actually even just string this as a design and sort of just wear it even just like that and that's kind of cool all right so we have the gold version here and then I use the blue version so you can really see just how the color just adds a little flash and then down here I have the silver and then all the way over here I have the rainbow the matte green and then the matte purple so here's a chance for you to really see that matte color so I'm gonna pick these up for you just so you can kind of see how this works so haematite is usually a shiny gray almost like a steel color and then you can add the color here and I just think it's so beautiful and so genius and you can actually see that even these ones have a nice little almost rainbow effect to them but haematite tends to be one of the heavier gemstones so we're so excited to bring that hematite in so that you can add it to your designs without adding a lot of weight I hope you enjoyed this video to see more and to learn more about haematite head over to

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