Show & Tell: Stampings and Filigree

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see some of the recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of stampings and filigrees. These jewelry components can easily be worked into jewelry designs either in their original state or altered using hole punches, patinas, bracelet bending pliers, metal punches, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with styles i just wanted to highlight them in this video because there might be some shapes you haven't seen before so we've got these great Halfmoon shapes in a variety of finishes and you can see they've got two holes which would be perfect if you want to make a dangling earring we perhaps connect a chain to each hole and connect it with the earring hook or you hang a chain from each end and make a really pretty little necklace there's these fans shapes with three holes at the bottom and one hole at top make a great chandelier earring plaque shapes which would be wonderful as bracelet focal some of these you can tell really would lend themselves very easily to bracelet vocals others you can punch holes where ever you want use bracelet bending pliers on them you can see they come in a variety of lengths and different widths of course you could stamp sayings on these with metal punches as well here we have a fun crescent moon shape to punch holes wherever you like on it a puzzle piece guitar pick pretty little pendant with these nice detailing along the edge you can see that these are nice and sturdy they're thin but they're not so thin that they're going to bend on their own so there are really nice substantial piece but they're not so thick that you can't alter them so there's a really fine area right there and I'm very happy with these guys there's a bird I love the lightning bolt a couple different drop shapes a fan variety of crosses all with a hole at the top this one is when my particular favorites I actually had a necklace like this as a child that I shared with my best friend and of course we stamped our initials on there so you could keep one for yourself and give it to a friend or perhaps make a piece of jewelry for a younger girl in your life and right here before I move on to the beautiful dragonflies we've got these great little bolts I love those if you're going to go ahead and glue those on to something probably going to want to use some e6000 glue on those guys and then we've got these dragonflies so pretty and be beautifully detailed you can really see that detailing in the big one these two you can bend an altar you can patina them with vintaj patinas to add some color I love these little bales as well they actually come shaped like this for you so you can use it like this as just a pretty little drop or you can use them as a bail I'm just going to pull over some chain nose pliers and show you that you can go ahead and open these up and then close them shut again for whatever purpose you want and then last but not least just a really pretty floral filigree silver plated stamping here again you're going to be able to alter these I can kind of bend it with my hand but if you have a pair of pliers you're going to be able to bend this more so and really make it a customizable piece of jewelry you can find all these stampings and many more at you

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