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Hi, this is Julie with drilled drupes right here as well as check fire polish round so I'm gonna start with the droops and like I said they're top drill and I'm gonna take a head pin put it through one of them so you can see that hole orientation so these are really unique you can think of a lot of different designs you might be able to do with these they're gonna look very different from a classic round bead with that center hole that a lot of them have so that's a nice design element you can see how they lay on a string here so they go back and forth really fun and they have a really nice matte finish so these are not shiny colors are very saturated and rich almost soft you almost feel like when you pick these up that they're gonna be soft to the touch which they actually kind of are let me go over the colors with you so you can see what's available there's neon yellow neon lime neon green neon sunflower neon orange neon pink dark neon purple dark neon violent dark neon green dark neon turquoise over here we have dark neon blue and neon red and neon red is a wonderful cherry color they also come in a couple mixes we've got the new neon mix which is a combination of some darks and lights and you can see it also has that sunflower color in there the light neon mix which are they're very bright ones and the dark neon mix which are these great saturated ones and then they're also available in czech fire polish round beads we've got a three millimeter a four millimeter and a six millimeter and let me pull these out so you can see the size comparison so there's a three you can see it's that really pretty faceted round czech fire polished bead and again it's that matte finish so we got the three the four and the six all of the beads that you see here as well as many more neon and beads are available at beadaholique you

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