Show & Tell: Art Glitter

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Designer: Julie Bean
Glitter is a fun and fanciful element to add to your jewelry pieces. In this show and tell video learn about the range of Art Glitter glitters available at Beadaholique. These include: ultrafine opaque glitters, ultrafine transparent glitters, gala glitz glitters, and vintage glass glitters.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with there are Opaques transparents fun the little guy is called gala glitz and then vintage glass glitter as well before I begin I want to show you a few projects we've created using glitter these are some really fun little earrings this was created using aquamarine ultra fine glitter as well as a gel du Soleil which is a one part UV resin these little guys over here were created using the silvery moon vintage glass glitter and two-part resin so that almost mimics the look of pyrite which is super fun and then here is a pendant and necklace that was created by our designer Rachel and here she used some of the transparent glitter for the clouds and created a really pretty little scene and everything has been sealed under resin we really like using resin with glitter but of course you can do other projects as well with it and we'll have those on so I'm going to start by showing you the opaque glitters so here you can see we've got a really pretty silver and two different golds I want to put them side-by-side for you here's fool's gold and then bright gold so fool's gold is a little bit of a softer gold a little bit warmer and then bright gold is a little bit of a shinier more brass type gold here is Dubonnet I want to show you the nice coverage you're going to get with these ultrafine Opaques a really nice solid color there aquamarine black my staple color there Christmas red for your holiday projects as well as emerald of course those would look great together and then pumpkin nice nice orange so here we have then the transparent so in contrast to the opaque these are going to be more of a sheer coverage so more of a hint of glitter so these three transparents are very similar so I wanted to put them side by side we've got fossil fauna and flax so of these three fossil is gonna have the most white in it fauna is going to have a little bit more yellow and flax is gonna have the most yellow you can see that there's actually a multitude of colors coming into play on these very very pretty what I would consider to be neutral glitters so nice backgrounds very subtle when you use them then there's also a pearl key lime and Hotchkiss I want to put hot kiss on my hand because I think it's so pretty when you spread it out then these are gala clothes now these are combination of little microbeads which have no hole in them the vintage glass glitter and a little bit of the ultrafine glitter as well so these are fun little mixes and there's white and silver now we've used some of the silver in the design space already so you can see this is not a full tube but you would be receiving a full tube if you were to purchase this and then my personal favourites are the vintage glass glitters I love these guys these are little shards of glass this is rich gold and you can see there's a lot of different colors coming to play there Crystalis which is just clear but shimmers wonderfully when put together almost looks like snow tuxedo silvery moon and then finally carnelian so you can find all of these different art glitters at beadaholique you

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