Show & Tell: Beadelle Mini Charms

SKU VID-0856
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video, see the collection of pave crystal encrusted Beadelle mini charms available at Beadaholique. These charms are perfect for hanging on a premade necklace or bangle, working into knotting projects, or creating layered necklaces with.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in each arms and they get their name because they're petite in size and they're all pave encrusted crystal charms and we've got crystal and hematite stones in them you can see they also come in four different finishes we've got a gold plate a silver plate a gunmetal and a rose gold so I want to show you the different shapes there's five of them first off is the crescent shape you can see it's got a really nice look to it and a nice finished back it's a flat back but it's nicely finished it also has this wonderful big loop on it all the loops are quite large which is very nice and large I mean in comparison to the shape of the charm which makes them ideal for hanging on something that's pre-made or working into a cord and knotting project the inner diameter of the loop if you are nodding this for your reference is 2.5 millimeters in diameter and this charm here not including the loop measures 15 point five millimeters by sixteen point five millimeters next we have what's called the closed hamsa hand and I'm going to pull the closed one up and compare it to the open one so here's the open hamsa hand and here's the closed very slight difference in size the closed one is going to measure nine point five by fifteen point five millimeters and the open one is just going to be a little bit bigger at eleven point five millimeters and that's talking across by fifteen point five long I'm going to show you their backs you see how pretty those are then we have the evil eye which comes in a silver plate or gold plate it's a nice petite size as well and it's going to measure 8 by 13 millimeters and it's important to note on this one it has a little bit of a different loop compared to the other one so it's a little smaller so you'll want to add a jump ring when connecting it and then finally we have the horns which are very pretty I think and they measure eight across by fourteen millimeters long you can find all of these charms as well as many other charms and other products as well by PJ which is a wonderful name in jewelry supplies at you

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