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hi this is Julia beadaholique and in this show-and-tell video I want to introduce you to some recent additions to our lead-free pewter bead collection and we got everything from beads to cordon strand reducers and some pretty little pieces that are great to work into your jewelry designs you'll notice all of them have a really pretty antique silver look so if you're coordinating your findings I would recommend antique silver and I'm gonna start over here with these strand reducers slash cord ends you can use them for a couple different purposes and I really want to show you their detail here so here we've got this triangle one you'll notice it's got that nice big opening on the bottom the small hole up top so this would be great if you wanted to feed multiple strands through here if you're ending a necklace or a bracelet so quite a different look here a very sleek modern design so nice large ones I like doing these show and tells not only to show you the level of detail but to also show you the scale I know sometimes it's a little bit hard to come across online so it's nice if I can show you them in relation to my hands so really nice and big show you the inside of these guys so it is nice to that you'll notice the size of the top hole also varies a bit so you have a lot of versatility in your project designs this one here is one of my very favorites all those little bumps all along the side on every side of it nice big tapered cone now this could even be used as a bead cap so you could use this as a cord end or a bead cap okay and then of course here we do have cord ends if you like to do kumihimo projects this would be great I instantly thought of a nice big kumihimo braid this is something that we really don't have anything similar to on our website so this is really nice to see add a very different look to your designs I also like the really top-heavy bail on this one too now here's some strand spacers so you see it's got four holes in it you'll be able to feed your strands through there here's a different one a very modern one with three holes now this one though you could use it as a strand spacer for sure I think it also could be a really interesting just design element you hung a jump ring through here just a nice modern piece pretty little bead cap this is a nice wreath you could do a lot of different things with this one whether you want to use as a connector or a link or just a focal piece even these guys down here I want to pull out a eye pin because I want to show you where their hole is the hole on these guys actually goes through that top there so it becomes much like a teardrop almost a briolette shape cool spike two different ones actually so you got the one with the big top bail and then you also have the one with a hole here through that middle portion it's an interesting way that that one hangs bead caps again you could use that definitely as a cord end as well and create a loop up top it's nice barrel shaped ones and then we're getting into the actual beads of stars some twists some pretty smooth ones as well some nugget shaped ones once they're faceted these are really fun and chunky the hamsa hand I want to show you the whole orientation on this guy as well because that's going to be important for your jewelry designs now also take into account that you could do it all the way through because it's got two holes but if you wanted to you could just go ahead and take a head pin and feed it through one hole so you could pretend that that's a flat head and then you wouldn't see the wire through the middle of it and then a turtle and now he has a hole through the middle here and then here are some really pretty beads a fleur-de-lis and all of these beads look great on both sides there's a little smiley face this guy here show you the side detailing and they have good weight to them as well these are not like they're not super heavy but they're definitely not lightweight they really feel like a good quality bead and I'm just going to pick each one of these guys up because I do want you to see the detailing it would be a great little spacer bead right there and their holes are nice and large we do list the actual hole size for you in the product listing so you'll be able to determine if you are doing a braiding or cording project if your braid or cord will go through these holes but you do see that they are quite nice and large much larger than say like a Czech glass bead this is one of my favorite it just looks so old and antique now this one's interesting because it actually has cut work throughout so I'm just gonna stick my pin through here just so you can see that there's a lot of different holes here so it's a really pretty filigree piece the other ones are solid see if I missed any there you go well I hope you enjoyed the show and tell I hope it gave you a better idea of what these beads really look like and how you might incorporate them into your jewelry designs you can find this entire collection and many more at beadaholique.com you

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