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Hi, this is Julie with for Nia Matt coded fire polished beads these guys are super pretty they're a czech glass bead and so you can see that they've got their facets and then which really helps to bounce the light and really play with this finish now it comes in three different sizes we have a four millimeter six millimeter and an eight millimeter now I know the difference between four and eight doesn't sound that great but it really is quite a difference in terms of scale when you're creating a beading project with these beads I wanted to do this video to really show you the finish here because it does vary quite a bit which is really something unique and I think wonderful to incorporate into your designs this color here is pink you see those flecks of pink being played and then here is blue and this one is really rich and deep that blue is solid now some have more blue some have less so just there is variation in all of these beads this one here is violet you can see that purple coming into play it really does shimmer this is silver now this is an example of use that i want to show you this was done by our designer cat and she used all three sizes to create a graduated swoop design and should just use some links here to connect them over here we have the gold rush finish this is really bouncing some orange and then graphite so let me give you a good comparison between graphite and silver because I know both those terms really do kind of inspire a silvery finish but the silver is much brighter the graphite is darker and a little duller as well so keep that in mind when you're planning which beads to use free project so let me just do one quick comparison all the big ones side by side so you can see them help you choose and these guys who are off the strand I did want to show you a few off the strand so you can see how the finish looks all the way around the beads so we have silver graphite gold rush pink blue and violet you can find all these beads and many more at you

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