Show & Tell: O Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
You have probably seen Czech Glass O Beads online but their beauty is hard to capture. In this video see how these beads shimmer and have a glowy appearance when the light catches their smooth surface. They truly are stunning beads and would work great in stringing, bead weaving, and bead embroidery projects.
Audio Transcript
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Hey this is Julie with and in this show and tell is all about O beads. These are Czech glass O beads. These are one of my favorite show & tell because they look so amazing and they almost glow. I have a couple of examples of use here here's a necklace that Karlin made and she just took some o beads and put them on jump rings and then connected them to some chain and it made for a really lovely necklace and then if you wanna do something a lot more complicated this necklace that Megan made she used the o beads as spacers and bead weaving which is what you're going to see in a lot of the magazines. They're incorporated into bead weaving projects because of their nice uniform shape. So o beads like I said are Czech glass beads they're very uniform in shape and they're thin. So they measure three-point eight millimetres across in diameter and then they are one millimeter thick and the hole itself is one point five millimeter It's just gonna give you a big enough hole to do multiple passes in bead weaving. It's going to allow you to do things such as what Karlin did where she hung some on a jump ring you can use stringing materials with them and even a very thin knotting cord as well to work with these I want to review some of the colors that we offer because they are so so pretty these finishes are just gorgeous. So here I have a metallic mix you see there's different metallic colors within this one tube of beads I have a magic purple mix. I love this magic finish. I'm starting to see it more and more and I just think it's so pretty. It's like the light just bounces off of it and it radiates here's a brass gold mix, great for antique looking project. That's something I would particularly pick. There's a magic green It's got like a flex of red in there, here's a Rosaline amber which looks very gold. I have a Peridot AB, Peridot Vitrail matte that's another one of my favorites. I have a Jet AB so this is gonna be czech on one side, AB on another side just a classic jet, Rosaline AB and then I also have a Crystal Capri Gold Almost like a rose gold finish to that one down here I have a Jet Vitrail Full. Now when you see a finish that says full than it's gonna be on both sides. So remember that the jet AB that we just talked about was jet on one side AB on the other side. This is Jet Vitrail Full meaning you've got your finish on both sides and it's actually this really wonderful radiant look and then I've got a jet chrome full again, finish on both sides. Here is a Jet Azuro A jet bronze a Crystal Labrador a hematite, this one's pretty, a magic wine got lava red which is actually a nice matte color. I've got a magic blue I have a Peridot AB matte. Another one of those colors that really glows and then I've got a Crystal Sliperit. So those are some of the finishes in the o bead collection. I wanted to be able to show you them on camera so you can see the finishes on both sides and really how they just bounce with the light and again here's just a couple examples of use and you can really let your creativity run wild with these they're are one of these great stable beads to add to your supply cabinet and you can find them at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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