Show & Tell: Neon SuperDuos

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Designer: Julie Bean
This quick video showcases two-hole Neon SuperDuo beads. So many people requested them that we knew we had to bring them in. The video shows the stretch Scorpio bracelet project that uses SuperDuos, what will you make with these new neon beauties?
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and this show and tell showcases Neon SuperDuos we've had a lot to request for these so I'm excited to share that we do have them in and we've got a neon blue, neon purple neon green, neon yellow, oh my gosh that's so bright, neon emerald, neon orange and neon pink if you're not familiar with SuperDuos they have two holes you can see right here and that's what they're shaped like kinda tapers at both ends. I wanna show you a quick example of a project that's used them. This is the Scorpio bracelet. You could very easily make this in neon just using stretch cord. I'll pull it apart so you can see what's going on we've just run stretch cord through the different SuperDuos but because it's got two holes in them they create this really great stacking pattern and they're not really going to go anywhere. They just locked into place together and then you can see that they are just tied into discrete little knots at the end. That's a really fun project and it's called the Scorpio bracelet. You can easily make that using these new Neon SuperDuos and they are just a fun splash of color for summer. So you can find these beads and others on the website Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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