Show and Tell: Pewter Charms and Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see a great collection of pewter charms and beads. These vary quite a bit in scale and seeing them in the video will hopefully help you plan your designs. Designs vary from elephants and monkeys to daggers and keys.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you some of our pewter charms and beads now we're going to show you this collection in a video because their scale various quite a bit. So I thought it'll be helpful to see them all in relation to one another and also my hand so you can see how big they really are or how small they are first off there's four little beads I wanna show you three are quite similar. You can see that they've got some great little patterns to them they have a nice hole drilled through them and then the other one is this really great little skull bead see where the hole is. This is a great size I haven't actually seen a skull bead in this size before so it's kind of a nice addition you see that he is hollow. So you can stick some beads up inside there as well which can help you with your design work and those are the beads and there's a wide variety of charms. As you can see they really do vary quite a bit in size. So we got these great various symbols here. We've got the hamsa hand, we've got a peace sign got the little coin here and then we've got some daggers it varying size as well. We have some tools. We have an ax, a pair of scissors, a great bar. It would be fantastic for a modern pair of earrings or a whole bunch of them hanging from a necklace It'll be a great modern design. A couple different keys one very large key great for a pendant and then another key which would make a really good pendant. A fantastic huge feather. Then we've also got this wonderful elephant. You can see he's hollow on the back. Some of these you see here is still got texture on it's backside but it's got definitely a front and a back to it This is what the back of the key looks like and that's what the front looks like although that actually could be really cool and you can glue little chatons on there Pretty nifty. Here this is hollow Then we've got this wheel. Here we have another skull bead He is two-sided. He's got some good weight to him as well I got a little bead cap over a bead. A octopus and this one here is hollow on the back and his front is beautiful and dimensional. Another little hand I'll show you as much of the fronts and the backs as I can just so that you can see exactly what you'll be ordering I love the hammer. That's fantastic. What haven't I showed you. Here's a little football you got the little football lacing on the front and it's plain on the back adorable little teacup where you could hang a jump ring through the little handle at the top and then we gone ahead and we've strung some on chain. So you can use these as charms on a charm bracelet or maybe use these as wine charms, earrings whatever you want but you can see what we've got here got a little guitar, a monkey, a wine opener, another pair of scissors quite a bit smaller a little deer, another swirl symbol a Star of David and an Eiffel Tower and I'll flip this over. I do want you to see what their backsides look like so you can see some of them are fully engraved on all sides and others are just flat here you have the back of the deer which is too cute and the back to the monkey as well and then the guitar is just plain on the back They'll make another really fun pair of earrings. So these are just some of the charms and beads that we offer at and I hope this helps that you can now see these in person even though it is online but it is nice to be able to see them in person see them in relation to my hands and what scale they are and last but not least here's an adorable little hanger that you can work into your designs as well. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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