Show & Tell: Nunn Design Winter Collection

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Designer: Julie Bean
The Nunn Design Winter Collection features everything from bangle bracelets and cuffs to charms, findings, and wire earring frames. In the video see the various pieces available as well as the finishes they come in and some examples of how to use them.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with projects that we've created using these pieces and all of what you see here including the free projects are available at so I'm going to start up here and you see these channel bangles so a really nice narrow channel and one way you can go ahead and fill that channel is with cup chain which is what we did in this example and you'll see four finishes we have antique copper we have silver antique silver and antique gold and you're going to see those finishes recurring with almost everything here that is part of this collection so these are the channel Bengals now if you want a little bit of a different look for a bracelet there are also cuff bracelets which are part of this collection so these are hammered cuff so you see that nice texture and again you're going to have the four finishes I need to do a lot with these as well you can wire wrap them you can wrap some type of textile onto them wrap cup chain a lot of different things with these as well over here we have a little arrow toggle bar so this would be great to work with other nunn design components and that will be a great way to finish a necklace the same arrow is also available as a connector link as so it's got two rings and here if you see this example our designer cat she made a really pretty simple necklace out of it and it hangs quite nicely from those two rings but you could also hang it like this and make an earring or something else out of it utilizing both loops but in a very different way as we come down here we have some really petite little flat tags so we've got a star a moon a lightning bolt and a triangle so on this example here we glued a Swarovski crystal flat back to the triangle very quick and easy to do but looks great here we've used two of the little flat tags and made in a great necklace little celestial theme happening here and then the course of stars are really great too then here we have it's each arm so these are petite their nine millimeters you see they come in the different four finishes and do note that on the antique copper antique silver and antique gold the symbol itself whether it's the Infinity the ohm or the lotus flower is filled in so you really see it but on the bright silver you don't is not filled in so it's a little bit more subtle so a really nice different look for those bright silver ones then we've got some strand reducers I didn't pull out every finish here but I do you want you to note that there is a two to one strand reducer 8421 and let me put the three two one where it belongs eight three two one so these would be great to finish multi strand necklaces or you can use them as an earring even that's a great way to make a really pretty chandelier style earring then here are some little fold over crimps for finishing up some faux leather according very nice quality which is what nunn design is known for all of their pieces are very sturdy very substantial and really lovely quality and then I have left my very favorite for last and that is these nunn design wire frames so these are really fantastic they look handmade so if you are doing some handmade jewelry like this wire wrapped earring here it looks very consistent it looks like you took all that time to make these perfectly shaped loops that was just wonderful because if you've done this before yourself and try to make these you'll know exactly how hard it is to get to very even looking ones that look similar for making a pair of earrings so in terms of these wireframes there are two different shapes available at beadaholique there is this pair and then there is a round hoop so the pair itself the pair drop is 19.5 across by fifty point five millimeters long and then the hoop one is 31 millimeters i three 8.5 so the length is going to be the 38.5 and again you're going to get these in the different finishes as well so a lot you can do with these guys I'm super excited about them and just one idea is going to be this pretty pair of earrings that our designer cat did where she did some messy wire wrapping and she trapped a little cabochon in there which is really a nice look so again all of these pieces are by none designs are part of the Nunn design winter collection and they are available at you

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