Show & Tell: Beaded Kumihimo Wrap Bracelet Kits

SKU VID-0993
Designer: Julie Bean
These exclusive kits from Beadaholique feature a long beaded kumihimo braid that can be wrapped three times around the wrist for a stylish accessory. Both spiral and multi-color patterns to choose from.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with i hemo a wrap bracelet kit now these are exclusive kits by so I've got six different color versions here and I'm gonna show you each of them let I'm gonna show you what you're gonna get when you purchase a kit so there are three spirals it's a little hard to see on this one because it's very blended which is actually a really nice look but there's a gold and white spiral there is a bronze and green spiral and there is a black and silver spiral now these are actually quite long when you pull them apart so you could wear them as a necklace if you wanted but you can also wear them as a wrap bracelet and they have a nice magnetic clasp which makes it really easy to just take on and off now in addition to the spirals there's also mixes so these have a multitude of different bead colors and there's three different ones available there's the purple tones the blue tones and the Rose tell us this one looks much like a rose garden with that pink and a little bit of purple and green in there as well so when you purchase a kumihimo kit from we actually give you the disk and the bobbins as well as the supplies to make the bracelet so in this case with this kit I'm going to show you the kit which would be to make this particular bracelet here the green and the bronze you're gonna get the disk you're gonna get eight bobbins because you're gonna be doing a standard eight warp kumihimo braid you're gonna be getting a full spool of the S LAN cord two full tubes of beads you 6-thousand glue and a magnetic clasp so everything you need to make this bracelet is included in one kit now if you are a fan of our kumihimo kits and you really love doing them we also have something which is called a refill kit I'm going to show you how that differs so with a refill kit you'll get the beads you'll get the cord and you'll get the clasp so all the supplies minus the tools in the glue that you'll need to make a kumihimo bracelet and all of our kumihimo kits are also available in the refill kit as well which is fun you can find all of these Coony as well as many more at you

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